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Passion (Palm) Sunday

Bulletin Reflection

Benevolence rules

by Alice Camille

Luke’s gospel is a journey of contradictions. Jesus requires from his disciples terms that are unusually demanding: Give all that you have to the poor and come follow me! Yet Jesus both models and teaches a way that’s gentle and merciful—as compassionate as his Father is compassionate. Nowhere do we see these contradictory forces at work as harmoniously as in Luke’s Passion narrative.

Jesus predicts his Passion three times in this gospel with a brutality his disciples could not absorb. And the final anguish lives up to the expectation. Yet as the cruel story of betrayal, denial, and condemnation unfolds, a kinder, gentler scenario takes shape around Jesus. It’s as if the devil’s dark hour is tempered by the dawn of hope just a few days off.

In this gospel alone the denial by Peter is both predicted and his reinstatement assured. During the agony in the garden, Luke offers an angel dispatched from heaven to lend the comfort the disciples neglect. While the high priest’s servant loses his ear in more than one gospel, Luke alone describes Jesus healing the man—among those sent to destroy him. Jesus will offer Peter a look of sympathy in the terrible moment of his denial. These are all tiny happy endings sewn into a fabric of apparent despair.

And yes, Jesus must carry his cross, but the synoptic gospels give him an African friend, Simon of Cyrene, to help him. Luke adds mourning women and other supporters from Jerusalem to accompany his sad way. Even a criminal crucified with Jesus will give him the extraordinary gift of final homage in his most wretched hour. Perhaps that is why Luke is the only synoptic gospel that cannot put in the mouth of Jesus those desperate words from Psalm 22 about God’s abandonment. Luke’s Jesus is companioned every step of the way to his death.

From this undercurrent of kindness Jesus weaves three amazing final sayings from the cross. He forgives his persecutors. He promises salvation to the criminal who recognizes his kingship. And he surrenders his spirit gently into the hands of the Father he has known and trusted all along the way.

If such benevolent generosity is possible in the dire circumstances of Golgotha, then we’re encouraged to consider how carrying a benevolent spirit into every aspect of the world’s misery might bless us all. How can we walk beside those who are suffering and help bear their burdens? How can we offer healing to those who intend only harm? How do we extend forgiveness to the ones who do not love us? How will we meet our final hour: with aggression and bitterness, or with gentle confidence in God’s ultimate goodness?

Reprinted with permission

Prepare the Word (©2010)


Youth Ministry

STEPS IN FAITH: All youth, grades 6 to 8, are invited to join the Trinity Parishes youth group as they host a retreat focused around the creed and the sacraments!  This age appropriate retreat, facilitated by FaceToFace Ministries, will be filled with great music, activities, talks, and more.  The retreat takes place in Vonda on Saturday, April 10 and runs from 10:30am to 9:30pm.  The registration fee, which includes two meals, is only $20/participant and chaperones are free.  For more information and to register, please contact Louise Bussiere at 258-4638 (home) or 280-6879 (cell).  You can also talk to Maria Rogal at 244-2983.

APRIL YOUTH EVENTS Be sure to check out the Youth Ministry Bulletin Board at the back of the church for upcoming youth events and details for diocesan events.  On the bulletin board you will find a lot of helpful information as well as monthly “common questions” that are frequent questions and answers that youth tend to ask regarding their faith.

WYD IN MADRID: Are you curious about WYD in Madrid?  Then you need to contact Colm at the Diocese right away!  We have 15 new spots now available for our group Pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi, Compostela, and on to Madrid for World Youth Day in August 2011 with Pope Benedict XVI.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!  Call 242-1500 ext. 225 or email youthmin@saskatoondiocese.com

Ministry of Care

To all volunteers, Eucharistic Ministers and visitors—Please make a special effort to bring  Communion and maybe a visit during this holy season.  This is a time to share God’s love in a very special way.  Thank you for your caring.

Iris Riley

244-2983 ext 237


2010 OFFERING ENVELOPES Please use your 2010 envelopes for donations, not envelopes from prior years.  Using the current year’s envelopes will help make the accounting process more efficient.  For those of you who require envelopes, please contact the parish office at 244-2983 between 8:30am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

ST. MARY’S CWL:  Our regular meeting is Wednesday, April 7th after the 7:15pm mass.  Please note that the 75th CWL Diocesan Convention is April 26th at St. Patrick’s.  Cost is:  (Registration $5.00 Lunch $10.00 Supper $30.00) TOTAL $45.00. Please call Jean Shirley at 382-6100 no later than April 12th.

REMINDER Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Holy Saturday, April 3 is cancelled for this month only.  There is an opportunity for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Holy Thursday following the Mass of the Lord’s Supper until 11:00pm

ST MARY’S EASTER TEA & BAKE SALE was a great success.  A big “Thank You” to all those who donated to our door prizes and raffles, and to all who baked the great food for our bake table.  Thank you to all the volunteers who looked after the décor, worked in the kitchen, served, sold the baking and raffle tickets and looked after the registration table.  Without all of us pulling together it would not succeed.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Door Prizes:

Basket of Potted Plants – Anne Findlay


$50.00 Bill – L. Golonko

Groommetti’s coupon – Larissa Werbicki

Easter Goodie Basket – Larissa Werbicki

Wine Kit – Sarah Salzl

Classic Coiffures – Bev Perret

Knights of Columbus Breakfast coupons – Joyce Walker

Knights of Columbus Breakfast coupons – L. Golonko

Greeting Card Holder – L. Golonko

Duck Wine Decanter – Sophie Wig

Watering can & $25.00 gift certificate – Murray Wood

Snack Serving Tray – Don Kinzie

$50.00 bill – Paula Barnes

Touch of Ukraine gift certificate – Jeannette Amico

Plush Easter Bunny – Marie Brezac

Basket of Misc. items – Adeline Stadnyk

Easter Dinner basket – Annette Stack

Mass Intentions

Monday, March 29                                               9:00a.m                          †Jose Andrade

Tuesday, March 30                                              9:00a.m               †Natalie Melo

Wednesday, March 31              9:00a.m            †Maria, Jose & †Antonio Figueiredo

7:00p.m.           †Dan Braidek

Thursday, April 1        9:00a.m.              TRIDUUM

Friday, April 2             9:00a.m.              TRIDUUM

Saturday, April 3        9:00a.m.              TRIDUUM

7:00p.m.           TRIDUUM

Sunday, April 4           9:00a.m. †Roman Loehndorf

11:00a.m. For the Parish

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