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11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Reflection

Growing up, my optometrist was a woman who came from Ireland and moved to Newfoundland.   When she tested my eyes with lenses of varying strengths, she would always ask me, in heavy Irish accent, if the lens made my vision “a wee bit better, or a wee bit worse.”  The lens strength was so subtle sometimes that the difference in seeing clearly was indeed a “wee” one!

In today’s Gospel, the quality of vision is the topic of conversation.  But the quality goes much deeper than the physical.  Jesus asks, “Simon do you see this woman?”  Of course Simon does – he sees her as a sinner … someone who by her actions has placed herself outside of the approval and acceptance of her religion, culture and society of the time.  Of course, Simon does not see her the same way that Jesus does.  Jesus sees a woman who knows the love of God, a love that can reach around, over and through the deepest of sins and forgive.  It is a love that sees the good in every person and never stops until it cleans the dirt and grime of sin off that goodness.  This is a woman who knows God’s forgiving love!

How much do we sometimes see one another through the lens of their sin, or that which makes them unacceptable, only?  Of the people we do not like, we can usually list their negative qualities at a moment’s notice.  It can take us much longer to list their good qualities.  We tend to forget the good, once the bad is known.  We tend to define one another by our sin, once it is known.

This is not God’s way.  Some sins, especially, of a criminal nature, must be dealt with by justice.  As Pope Benedict XVI said recently, “Forgiveness is not a substitute for justice.”  However, the way of Christ … which we call Christian … demands that we do more than insist upon justice, necessary as it is.  It demands that we strive to see as God sees, as Christ sees in today’s Gospel.  It demands that we see that there is goodness in all.  If we did, how would we then treat one another?  This is not an easy task, given to us Christians.  Today let us pray for the grace to see the goodness in people more than we often do.  And if we are open to the grace of Christ in our lives, our vision will change … the change may be only a “wee bit better” at first, but with patience and trust in the God who see our own goodness in spite of our sin, that change can only grow!

Fr. Tony Bidgood, CSsR


COOKIES NEEDED: We are looking for donations of cookies for the Church Front Step Outreach Program and for the Parish Summer Outreach.  Cookie donations can be dropped off at the rectory during office hours or at the church before and after Masses.  Due to allergy concerns, no nuts or nut products please.

Accommodation Needed:  Single woman with two children is seeking accommodation in a two bedroom house or apartment suite.  Please call Lynn at 978-5261 or Montella at 651-0227

K OF C BREAKFAST The next Knights of Columbus Breakfast will be held on Sunday, June 13th following the 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Masses.  Everyone is welcome!

CHURCH STEPS HOSPITALITY: Come volunteer and put your smile to use as we hand out cookies and iced tea during the summer months to those passing by our church. This is the heart of  St. Mary’s, serving others and reaching out into our neighborhood. Schedules can be very flexible and volunteers will have options in choosing days and times most suitable. Starting date is July 5th, 2010. Sign up sheets are located at the back of the church or contact Maria Rogal (244-2983) for more information.

ST. GEORGE’S SENIORS CLUB is having a picnic on June 16th with a program at 1:00pm, outdoor games at 2:00pm and supper at 4:30pm.  All are welcome.  Cost for this event is $8.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.

BINGO As a way to reduce the cost of heating our Hall, St. Mary’s will be working a number of bingos over the next few months.  In 2009, we worked six bingos and netted just over $10,000.  In order to run a successful bingo, we require 14 to 18 energetic volunteers per session.  Our first bingo is scheduled for Saturday June 19th.  Volunteers for this bingo need to be at City Centre Bingo at 11:00am.   Please contact the parish office no later than June 16th if you able to help.   Dates for future bingos will be posted when they are assigned.

PARISH FEAST DAY AND SPECIAL MASS We have taken as our parish feast day the feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help—June 27th. Please join us between the Mass on our feast day–Sunday, June 27th at 10:15 a.m. for muffins, cake and coffee. We will be meeting on the church steps, weather permitting.

NOVENA IN PREPARATION FOR OUR PARISH FEAST DAY A novena is nine days of prayer in preparation for a special event. This weekend, you will find a novena prayer insert in the bulletin. We invite you to begin your own prayer in your home on June 19th so that you would finish the novena prayer on Saturday, June 26th. Extra novena prayers may be available at the entrance of the church. We invite you each day to pray in preparation for our parish feast day.

Youth Ministry

CAMPING ANYONE?! It is the time of year to lug out your tents, sleeping bags, bathing suits and flip flops for the combined Youth and Altar Servers camping trip. All youth are welcome to come and are encouraged to speak with Maria or Fr. Tony regarding  attendance. It is mandatory that all youth have a permission form signed by a guardian to attend this event. The date for the camping trip is June 28th and June 29th. We will spend the night at Diefenbaker Lake while we eat well, share laughs and play the occasional game or two. In order to plan rides, food and other accommodations, it is essential that we receive confirmation of attendance before the week of June 21st. So please, mark your calendars, get a permission slip from Maria and start counting down the days for this epic adventure!

JUNE YOUTH EVENTS Be sure to check out the Youth Ministry Bulletin Board at the back of the church for upcoming youth events and details for diocesan events. On the bulletin board you will find a lot of helpful information as well as monthly “common questions” that are frequent questions that youth tend to ask regarding their faith.

YEAR END DYG POOL PARTY: Join the youth from this diocese on June 25th at 7pm as we kick off the summer and wrap up the school year with a rockin’ pool party at Riversdale Pool. The pool will be reserved just for us, so  do not worry about waiting in line for the waterslide. We will begin the evening with an Aboriginal inspired Mass hosted by Guadalupe Parish at St. Mary’s. We will then hit the pool, preferably in canonball-style around 8:15pm along with a BBQ and snacks. Sounds like a good time to me, BE THERE! Talk to Maria Rogal for more information and for parental consent forms.

YOUTH MINISTERED MASS: It is  time to celebrate a youth ministered Mass with the rest of the parish community. The mass will be celebrated on June 20th at the Sunday 11:00am mass. Choir practice will begin at 10:00am along with donuts and juice. All are welcome! Contact Maria Rogal if you would like to be part of this special celebration.

Mass Intentions

Monday, June 14  9:00a.m  †Antonio Bairos

Tuesday, June 15  9:00a.m.  In Thanksgiving

Wednesday, June 16  9:00a.m  †Ferdinand Frias

7:15p.m.  †Joe Appalonia

Thursday, June 17  9:00a.m  †Jose Andrade

Friday, June 18  9:00a.m.  †Helen Yaganiski

Saturday, June 19  9:00a.m.  †Natalie Melo

7:00p.m.  Michael Prystupa

Sunday, June 20  9:00a.m.  †Maria Pintaric

11:00a.m.  For the Parish


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