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    Perpetual Help Devotions at both Wednesday Masses

    Adoration and Benediction on First Saturdays following the 9:00 AM Mass until 12:00 Noon
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    Saturday: 4-5pm, 6-6:45pm
    Sunday: 12:30-1pm (Guadalupe Parish)
    Sunday: 3-4pm in Spanish
    Wednesday: 6:30-7pm

    Or by appointment
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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Reflection

Is Paradise Overrated?

Alice Camille

 My mother is 82 and has decided, at this late date, that she doesn’t want to go to heaven—which is too bad really because she’s headed in that direction. “Heaven bothers me,” she said bluntly during my last visit home. I felt obliged to inform her: “Mom, most people are bothered by hell, you know.” What gnaws at Mom is the received idea of heaven: static and relation-less, no spouses, parents, or children, only generic souls in union with God. Mom lost Dad to cancer last year; she’s also lost a daughter and two sons to death at last count. My mom wants those relationships to count for something. To count even—and especially—in the presence of God. If heaven doesn’t honor those bonds, well, she’ll pass and take the next train to a more consoling destination.

Jesus seems to imply that earthly bonds are dissolved in the afterlife, according to some interpretations of today’s gospel. Trapped into a metaphysical debate with Sadducees, he escapes the snare by refusing to number the pin-dancing angels in eternity. It’s important to note that Jesus relentlessly avoids cosmic talk in his teachings. He’s much more likely to get grimy with the details of justice, economics, social prejudice, and reconciliation than indulge in abstract religious debates. The reign of God as he reveals it is always pressing into this hour, dependent upon present choices in gritty and proximal circumstances. Jesus shows little patience with those who want to play theological games.

Religious questions are rarely merely theological in the pastoral setting. They’re profoundly human questions when coming from the likes of my mother across the breakfast table. Mom doesn’t care about the contours of heaven and the details of accommodations there. She wants to know if the pain of separation is ever going to end for her; if her heart’s desire for love and belonging will ever be answered. Even when most of us are asking what sound like catechism questions, we’re really hoping for better than catechetical responses. What you and I really want to know is: At the bottom line of existence, is there happiness? Will we ever, finally, totally, be at peace?

If Jesus didn’t give his listeners satisfaction concerning the precise social organization of heaven, it would be arrogant of me to pretend that I can. I could only assure Mom that, whatever heaven is, it’s never been billed as a disappointment. God is love, so love will be realized in its absolute and unimaginable fulfillment. Unity is also a divine attribute, so whatever’s been fragmented by sin and death in this life will be repaired and restored in the next. Is there something better than marriage and family in heaven? I’d count on it.

 Reprinted with permission

Prepare the Word (©2010)



Piano Player Needed  St. Mary’s Parish is looking for a pianist to accompany our Sunday 11:00am Mass choir on a regular basis.  If you have this musical talent, please consider sharing it with your parish to help us in our worship. For more information please contact Fr. Jon.

 ALL SOULS Traditionally, we remember our loved ones who have died, in our prayers throughout the month of November. There are special envelopes for All Souls at the entrances of the church. On the front of the envelopes, you can print the names of those you would like to have remembered in a special way throughout November. You can leave your envelope near the Book of the Living that will be placed near the altar. We will transfer the names from the envelope to the book. All donations in the envelopes will be for Masses offered for the deceased during November.

K OF C NEWS  The Board of directors of the K.C. Charities Inc. invite you to join them as they officially turn sod for a new senior’s rental housing project named “Columbian Place”.  The ceremony will be held on November 8, 2010 at 10:30am in St. Mary’s Parish Hall, 211 Avenue O South.  Doors to the hall will open at 10:00am.  Lunch to follow the ceremony.

 K OF C BREAKFAST The next Knights of Columbus Breakfast will be held on Sunday November 14th following the 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Masses.  Everyone is welcome!

FAMILY ADVENT WREATH FUN: Don’t bother going through the hassle of trying to assemble your own advent wreath this year. Join other St. Mary’s families as together we learn the symbols and importance of the season of Advent. You will have the chance to engage in constructing your very own Advent wreath with your family. Take home your newly constructed wreath with many memories of laughter, fun and excitement. Enjoy some Christmas baking, along with hot chocolate and socialization for a night to remember. So mark your calendars for November 28th at 7pm and do not miss out! In order to accurately purchase supplies and organize the event, it is necessary to notify commitment by signing up at the back of the church. We are also in need of volunteers to aid in baking, organizing, set up and take down. There will be a column on the signup sheet where you can commit to helping with one of the following if you wish. Sign-up sheets will be in the church until the week of November 22nd. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Maria Rogal 244-2983.

 SUNDAY MISSALS are again available for purchase. These handy resources contain the readings for each Sunday and some special feasts. Missals are intended to be used for home study, to read the readings before you come to church. The new missals begin with the new liturgical year, the first Sunday of Advent. They will be available for purchase during office hours at the rectory as well as after all the Masses the weekends of November 6/7 and November 13/14. Cost is $5.00 each.

 MINISTRY OF CARE A sincere and heartfelt Thank You to everyone who helped in any way with the Memorial Mass. The celebration was very meaningful and comforting. Your willingness and cooperation is always appreciated. God Bless you all!

Sodalitas (Companionship)  St. Mary’s Parish is offering an opportunity for those suffering any type of loss to join with others who have shared similar experiences.  We all suffer loss sometime in our lives. This loss may be the death of a loved one (parent, spouse, child, sibling, relative or friend), loss of a relationship; loss of a job; loss of good health or loss of a pet.  How we deal with loss is personal. As individuals we respond to loss in many different ways. But there does seem to be at least one common response when we are faced with loss – the need to share with others the feelings and emotions we experience.  Please join us for our next gathering, Saturday, November 13 at 10:00AM in the Upper Room of St. Mary’s Parish Hall. For more information see the parish website or call Fr. Jon at the parish office. 

Youth Ministry

STEPS IN FAITH-Get in the groove! If you are currently in grades 6,7 or 8 then this is for you! Steps in Faith is a diocesan supported program in which early adolescents have the opportunity to learn more about their faith. It is a crucial component in the life long faith journey we are all on, and will aid with common questions and concerns during these very important forming years. Steps in Faith is comprised of four different components: 1)the Creed 2)Service 3)Retreat 4) reaffirmation of faith- all in which will take place within the next year. A spring youth rally will provide a supportive environment with Bishop Bolen where grade 8’s will have the opportunity to reaffirm their faith. Steps in Faith sessions will be held monthly before each Youth Ministered Mass. Youth will have the opportunity to learn, interact and reflect with peers over pizza. A service project will be planned for late winter along with a spring retreat. For more information regarding this effort, please feel free to contact Maria Rogal stmarysyouthmin@sasktel.net, 244-2983.

 JOIN THE DIOCESAN DYRT TEAM: Are you a high school student or young adult that wants a challenge to grow in your faith, leadership, and team building skills? The Diocesan Youth Retreat Team is a faith formation group who hosts retreats for other young adults as a form of peer to peer ministry all around the diocese. This volunteer opportunity is a great way to use your gifts in a ministry setting, and meet fun faith filled people your own age. To be a member of the team one must attend at least one of the training sessions held for the 2010/11 retreat season. The next session takes place takes place Monday November 8th at St. Anne’s Parish Hall from 5-9pm with pizza included. For more information or to find out how you can apply to be on the team please contact Myron Rogal at 242-1500, 1-877-661-5005, vocations@saskatoonrcdiocese.com.

ACCORDING TO JESUS: Join friends and other youth from the diocese as you discover, reflect and ponder the views in which media, your friends and the opposite sex affect your self- image. Everyone goes through a crisis at some point or another that truly questions the way they feel about themselves. Play some games, watch some Youtube clips and listen to some testimonies where you will be able to relate to people a lot more than you think. Snacks and a sundae bar will be on location. The evening will conclude with “Catholic’s Got Talent” where you will be able to showcase all the unique gifts that God has given you. Don’t sweat it! You can plan something out with your buddies 5 minutes before it starts, if you are a planner, feel free to bring supplies for your act. This whole sha-bang of events will be on November 12th beginning at 7pm and concluding around 11pm. Location is St. Mary’s Parish on Avenue O and 22nd street. Questions can be directed to your local youth minister or by contacting Maria Rogal at 244-2983. BE THERE!

 Home Ministry of Care

We are grateful to those who give of their time and care to bring Holy Communion to our homebound parishioners.  As Advent is fast approaching, please check with the people you are caring for regarding the Sacrament of Reconciliation and/or the Sacrament of the Sick.  Please let Iris know who is interested in receiving these sacraments before November 24.  The priests will then make their own arrangement with those who are interested.


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