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    4pm mass in Spanish

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    Monday to Saturday: 9am
    Wednesday: 9am, 7:15pm

    Perpetual Help Devotions at both Wednesday Masses

    Adoration and Benediction on First Saturdays following the 9:00 AM Mass until 12:00 Noon
  • Reconciliation

    Saturday: 4-5pm, 6-6:45pm
    Sunday: 12:30-1pm (Guadalupe Parish)
    Sunday: 3-4pm in Spanish
    Wednesday: 6:30-7pm

    Or by appointment
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3rd Sunday in Easter

Bulletin Reflection

How To Tell the Story

 By Alice Camille

   If you survived school you probably studied the basic aspects of literature somewhere along the line. Beginning, middle, and end are the nonnegotiable parts of storytelling. Along with those come setting, plot, character, and narrative voice. These days, just to make things fancy, stories aren’t always told in order, teasing time through flashback and misplaced sequence. And the writer might leave out an essential bit of information (Where are we? Who’s talking?) just to keep us guessing.

  Each writer finds a way to tweak the basics to keep things interesting. Saint Luke invented a special form scholars call the missionary discourse—reflecting the Greek fondness for grand soliloquies in the midst of narrative action. The missionary discourse appears eight times in Acts and in a more abbreviated form in the gospel, as in the Emmaus story. The format has three parts: the recap of recent events, followed by an accusation of the listener/reader, and finally a call to repentance.

  The lectionary labors against our appreciation of literary forms, especially here. Our section from Acts is one of these discourses, but it leaves off half of the recap and all of the call, immersing us awkwardly in the accusation. Standing alone, it sounds entirely unwarranted. For as we know, this particular crowd will answer the call to repentance with the largest mass baptism on record. Remaining within the accusation portion would be like telling the story of Emmaus and ending on the lines, “Oh, how foolish you are! How slow of heart to believe!”

  We hear the recap twice this week in Acts and Luke: how Jesus did wonderful things, according to God’s prearrangement foretold in scripture, and how he was by that same plan put to death and raised again. What we don’t hear in Luke’s writings is atonement theology; the emphasis is on God’s subordination of human events to divine purposes. Like the crowds before Saint Peter on the streets of Jerusalem, the Emmaus pair are accused of seeing but not discerning, hearing without understanding. And like the mass conversion that ensues after Peter speaks, the two at table with their incognito Lord are enkindled to the heart by their encounter.

  These stories are Lucan bookends, demonstrating the revelatory power of both word and sacrament. Each time the community gathers across the centuries, we continue to unpack the basics of the missionary discourse: Recap the story, experience the keen recrimination it provides, and sound the call to repentance in our Eucharist. The only unknown element is our response. Will we remain “foolish and slow of heart”? Or will we acknowledge the gap between where we are and where we ought to be, and rush, like the Emmaus pair, to close it?

 Reprinted with permission

Prepare the Word (©2011)



Returning to Spirit Returning to Spirit is a creative initiative which seeks reconciliation between members of Christian churches and First Nations people regarding the Indian Residential School Legacy. The Returning to Spirit workshops engage participants through a path of deepening self-understanding, a coming to terms with one’s own internal obstacles to authentic encounters with others and a being summoned to attentive listening. While reconciliation involves communities of people, it also proceeds on this path of reconciliation one person at a time.  The next Returning to Spirit for non-aboriginal and church people is May 16-20, 2011 at Queen’s House of Retreats. In the past several years the church numbers for workshops have gone down while there are many First Nations persons continuing to seek out healing and reconciliation. For the Reconciliation workshop to happen we need equal numbers of church and First Nations to take part in the initial workshops for their groups.  Please consider seriously this opportunity to support the work of reconciliation in our community. For more information please contact Fr. Jon at the parish office. 244-2983 or jonhansencssr@gmail.com

K OF C BREAKFAST The next Knights of Columbus Breakfast will be held on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8th following the 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Masses.  Everyone is welcome!

SODALITAS: Are you grieving and suffering the loss of a loved one?

Join us for SODALITAS; a safe caring group for reflecting and sharing for those who are experiencing grief.  Our next meeting is Saturday, May 14 at 10:00AM in the upper room of St. Mary’s Parish Hall. Topic:  Finding Consolation in Mary, The Mother of God

MARY AND RUBY STARR wish to thank everyone that came out and supported their fundraiser.  Thank you and God Bless.

Western Conference for the Catechumenate presents: “RCIA and Liturgical Catechesis” (Using the Church’s Liturgical Rites as a primary resource); Friday, May 27 to Saturday, May 28 at Holy Spirit Parish. 114 Kingsmere Place, Saskatoon. Deadline for registration: May 17. Call Fr. Michael Koch (306) 373-0404 or E-mail:  mjkrcia@shaw.ca

INTERCHURCH HEALTH MINISTRIES WALK FOR PARISH NURSING:  On May 14, 2011 at 9:30 am, Eileen Provost will be in this walk for St. Mary’s Parish Nurse.  If you would like to help raise money by being a sponsor for Eileen, phone her at 382-4821, or stop by the Parish office during regular office hours.  When a parishioner participates in this walk, a portion of the funds raised come to St. Mary’s Parish Nurse project.

Station 20 West Spring Festival of Thanks!:  Everyone is invited to attend a barbeque on the future site of Station 20 West (20th Street and Avenue L) on Thursday, May 12 beginning at 12:00 Noon.  Representatives of the Christian Church leaders who organized an Advent campaign in support of the Good Food Junction Cooperative Grocery Store will report on the results of the campaign and St. Mary’s Parish will be making a donation to the project.  Join us for great company, food and entertainment. Please bring your own lawn chairs. (In case of rain, we’ll meet at St. Mary’s Parish)

COMMEMORATIVE DINNER In honour of Joe Kammermayer-sponsored by Columbus Bosco Homes Thursday, June 9, 2011 St. Patrick’s Parish Hall 3339 Centennial Dr. Tickets $30.00 Cocktails-6:00pm Dinner-6:30pm Special Guest Speaker- Fr. Lucien Larre.  Please note: Tickets purchased for the April 14th dinner will be honoured at the Commemorative Dinner.  For tickets or further information please contact: Chris Sarich – Ph: 343-5640 or csarich@sasktel.net

 Eucharistic Adoration The Blessed Sacrament exposed in the monstrance for worship of the Eucharist is offered in some parishes and at Queen’s House in Saskatoon and is scheduled regularly for weekly and/or monthly time periods.  Eucharistic adoration is the act of worshiping Jesus as He is present in His divine and human person in the consecrated Eucharist.  The most important reason to adore the Blessed Sacrament is that Jesus Christ instituted the sacrament of the Eucharist out of love for us and longs for us to spend time in His company.   Mother Teresa had said:  “The best act that we can perform is to spend at least one hour each week before the exposed Blessed Sacrament.”  And she added:  “You cannot be like Jesus unless you spend time with Jesus.  You cannot see Jesus in others unless you see Him in the Sacrament of Love.”  Would you be willing to spend an hour to sit quietly and just “be” in the presence of God waiting for you in silence?  A Eucharistic Adoration schedule which provides all the weekly times for adoration is available and it can be viewed on the home page of the Saskatoon Diocese Website www.saskatoonrcdiocese.com (link is on the homepage).  To make a commitment for one hour or for more information contact Sally Danchak, Eucharistic Adoration Committee at 373-2621.

 Ecumenical Bursaries available for Catholic laypeople: The diocese of Saskatoon is providing financial support for Catholic lay people who wish to attend the “Acting Together: From Dialogue to Common Mission” ecumenical conference. Up to $200/person is available to attend this conference. Recipients of the bursary are responsible for the remaining registration fee. For information and application form contact Nick Jesson, diocesan ecumenical officer, at sdce@ecumenism.net, phone 652-1595, or see http://ecumenism.net. A limited number of bursaries are available, so please act fast.

 Youth Ministry

Theology of the Body for Young Adults: Wade St. Onge will be teaching the Theology of the Body course at Queen’s House in Saskatoon, over the next two Wednesdays in May (11th, and 18th). All sessions will be held in the Celebration Chapel and will run from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. St. Onge is originally from Estevan, is a young adult, and has a Masters degree in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. For more information, contact him at stongewade@hotmail.com or 370-9873.

 DIG – Dig into God is a monthly gathering of high school students in the Diocese of Saskatoon hosted at different locales throughout the city. This year we are forming our conscience with the theme of WHYtune, taking hard issues and breaking them open with talks, crazy activities and meaningful prayer experiences. Come check out what everyone is talking about! All DIG sessions are from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. unless otherwise posted! Upcoming monthly DIG sessions include:

¨               DIG Friday, May 13 at St. Anne parish – Annual Couch Rally – “Papa don’t preach”

 MOMENTUM: Thanks to all of you who came out to the first ever youth rally for grades 6-8 this past Saturday.  Momentum Youth Rally 2011 is in the books to remember- and since we had so much fun, we will be doing it again next year! Go online to check out the epic recap video of our time spent together.

 DYG COUCH RALLY “Papa don’t Preach: Its back again! Join the rest of the youth in the diocese to go on a massive scavenger hunt around the city… Oh ya, don’t forget the loving and caring relationship you will develop with a piece of furniture as you haul it around performing different activities. The theme for this month is “choosing life” – how do we react in the face of teen pregnancy.  What kind of catholic teachings help us to develop morals that stay strong in the midst of mixed messages coming from the media and our peers?  Mark your calendars for May 13th 7pm-11pm to be at St. Anne’s parish for this unforgettable event. Talk to Maria Rogal for more information.

 YOUTH MINISTERED MASS-MAY: Share your talents and gifts as we celebrate our monthly youth ministered Mass May 29th at the 11am Mass. Opportunity to be in the choir, a lector or gift bearer provides ample options to be involved. There is something for everyone and we want you to share your gifts! Muffins and juice will be served in the hall at 10:15am with choir practice starting at 10:25am. Talk to Maria for more information.  NOTE:  The Youth Mass was scheduled for May 22nd on the parish calendar, however due to the Victoria Day long weekend, the Mass was rescheduled for May 29th.

Home Ministry of Care

Suggestions on “How we can be more effective in journeying with those who are grieving.” continued

 We all encounter a time when a friend, relative or neighbor dies.  It’s important to help and support those who are grieving.  Over the few weeks, we will offer suggestions which we hope will be helpful in making your visits at these difficult times effective and more comfortable.

 It’s Good to Share Your Feelings

If you show sadness, hurt, bewilderment, etc., rather than suppressing your feelings, it actually helps the bereaved.  They know you care because you show that you hurt too.

 Mass Intentions

Monday, May 9  9:00 a.m  †Manuel, Amelia & son Sousa

Tuesday, May 10  9:00 a.m  †Josephine Gelowitz

Wednesday, May 11    9:00 a.m  †Carl Lucyshyn

  7:15 p.m  †Rocco Santoro

Thursday, May 12    9:00 a.m  †Jacob Lesko

Friday, May 13    9:00 a.m  †Bernadino Moreira & Family

Saturday, May 14  9:00 a.m  †Peter Harms

  7:00 p.m  †Camille & †Emily Demeester

Sunday, May 15  9:00 a.m 

  11:00 a.m  For the parish


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