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21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Reflection

Getting a License to Drive

 By Alice Camille

   Our God is very much into “forever.” Maybe if you’re an eternal Being you appreciate not having to do things twice. The everlasting and abundant nature of God’s many attributes—goodness, kindness, justice, mercy, truth, power, glory, holiness—ensures that when God does a thing, it stays done. So, too, with God’s word which, once uttered, takes effect and remains in force.

  Human beings, by contrast, have the tendency to be fickle and partial in what we say and do. Our efforts are rarely more than 90 percent, often more like 50-50. We’re committed to people and ideals up to the point of personal cost; from there it gets dicey which way we’ll go. It’s not that we’re false when we speak. It’s just that we lose our early resolve, or change our minds when the effort becomes greater than we imagined. So promises are revoked; labor becomes halfhearted; marriages fail; holy young priests become cynical older ones.

  Saint Paul admits to the Romans that mortals just can’t fathom God’s way. God is ageless and deep, and we’re not. Rather than seeing that as cause for despair, the realization inspires Paul to praise. Knowing who God is and who we are—distinguishing divine nature from our human one—makes it all the more astonishing that God chooses to love and forgive us. To which we like Paul must respond: To him be glory forever!

  Acceptance of our weakness leads to the twin spirits of awe and humility. Denial, meanwhile, will certainly drag us in the direction of arrogance and ruin. We’ll go the way of Shebna, taken down a peg in his mastery of the palace. He’s replaced by Eliakim—who will go the same way by the end of the chapter. We meet Saint Peter today at a crucial crossroads of self-awareness. He’s blurted out the true identity of Jesus, a thing he hardly knew until he said it. Jesus pronounces him blessed for that. The temptation for Peter is to believe he’s smarter than everyone else for having guessed the right answer. The challenge is to embrace the reality that he’s been divinely inspired.

  Recently I saw a stained-glass window portraying Peter receiving the keys of the Kingdom. Instead of the usual oversize skeleton key he’s traditionally handed in such images, the artist chose to render the presentation unmistakably as car keys. At first you’re tempted to scoff at the anachronism. Then the religious imagination takes over. The Kingdom is not a static idea: not a place to get to, but a path to walk—or perhaps a road to navigate? Once Peter gets the keys, he’s give divine license to drive. For every new driver, it’s a sobering responsibility.

 Reprinted with permission

Prepare the Word (©2011)


 Bulletin Annoucements

ST. MARY’S PARISH AUCTION IN SUPPORT OF PARISH NURSE MINISTRY is really just around the corner! We are asking all parishioners this fall to consider donating new (or gently used) items that we can sell at our auction. You can help support this great event in two ways—by asking businesses to donate items for the sale and by attending the auction with your friends and relatives! Sr. Carol, our parish nurse, reaches out to many people in our neighborhood with the work that she does. Help bring hope to the residents of our community by supporting the Parish Nurse Ministry. If you have any questions or to make a donation, please call Parish Office at 244-2983. . Remember—the auction is on Saturday, October 15th at 10:00am

 The CWL Harvest Supper will be September 25th at 5:00pm.  Tickets cost $12.00 for adults and children over 10 years.  Children between 5 and 10 years cost $6.00.  Children under 5 years are free.  Tickets will be available after the September 10/11 Masses, as well, they will be available starting September 12 from the Parish office during office hours.  We look forward to your help and donations.

 Lectors and Ministers of Holy Communion – schedules:  The new schedules and lists for Lectors and Ministers of Holy Communion are now available in the Sacristy. The schedules cover the period from September 3/4 (23rd  Sunday in Ordinary Time) to November 19/20 (Christ the King Sunday). Lectors and Ministers of Holy Communion are reminded to please contact another minister to take your place if you are unable to attend the assigned Mass.  All Lectors and Ministers of Holy Communion, except those who have received the schedules by email, are asked to pick up the  new schedules as soon as possible from the Sacristy after Mass. Your willingness to serve in these important liturgical ministries is very much appreciated.

 Mass Intentions

Monday, August 22  9:00 a.m  †Margy McNulty

Tuesday, August 23  9:00 a.m  †Paul Wegwitz

Wednesday, August 24    9:00 a.m  †Jose Resendes

  7:15 p.m  †Patty Witzel

Thursday, August 25    9:00 a.m  All Souls in Purgatory

Friday, August 26    9:00 a.m  †Emil Woytowich

Saturday, August 27  9:00 a.m  †Antonio Moreira & family

  7:00 p.m  †Carl Lucyshyn

Sunday, August 28  9:00 a.m  †Alex Dekovic

  11:00 a.m  For the parish