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27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Reflection

Partnership, not Power

 By Alice Camille

   Many of us would be happy to take gender off the table. Gender issues prove divisive in state, church, Imagesociety, and often family. Let me say as a female I wasn’t particularly conscious right away of the way gender shaped my future. Having five sisters and two brothers, I suspect I viewed the female as the norm. But from the playground to the classroom, from the pews to the doctor’s office to the work place, gradually it was impressed on me that in most places, man was the norm. Being a woman made me an aberration to be accommodated. Even exclusive language insists I’m a “man” until proven otherwise.
Whose idea was it that there should be complementarity anyway? Genesis 1 pins the rap on God. From darkness to light, from day to night, from sea to land and birds to fish, creation seems a testimony to God’s pleasure in diversity. The term suitable partner suggests a similar complementarity rather than hierarchy in the original relationship of man and woman.
Who started domination and subordination? Genesis 3 pins that rap on us. Everything gets messier after that. Where inequality rules, power struggles are unavoidable. Maybe your wife and kids are olive plants around your table in the family photo, but once released from the snapshot, there tends to be conflict.
“Original conflict,” it should be added, goes viral in this sad new world. Domination and subordination become normative. The pattern is repeated between generations, races, languages, religions, and any other distinction you can draw. Someone is always on top, which implies someone else is on the bottom. The new lines of creation are established, and it seems there’s no going back to the happy realm of “suitable partners.”
On this “Respect Life” Sunday, how do we put the toothpaste back in the tube when it comes to our damaged social relationships? In a world without power struggles, we wouldn’t have moral dilemmas about how to care for our aging members, the value of the unborn, the rightful place of those who are mentally or physically different, the rights of the undocumented, our responsibility toward the economically disadvantaged. The only reason we question these matters is because we have all internally embraced the reality of domination and subordination. Some of us have more rights than others, by virtue of who we are to start with—or if we’re given the chance to start at all.
To solve the problem, we have to go back to the beginning, to the issue of complementarity. We have to heal the rift in our mindset that some are born to win and others to lose; that one kind of person is intrinsically more valuable than another. That is our original sin, perhaps: that we have failed at partnership in favor of power.

Reprinted with permission

Prepare the Word (©2011)


bulletin announcements

ST. MARY’S AUCTION COMMITTEE’S next meeting will be on October 9, 2012 at 7:30pm in the lower meeting room.

ST. MARY’S PARISH AUCTION IN SUPPORT OF PARISH NURSE MINISTRY is really just around the corner! We are asking all parishioners this fall to consider donating new (or gently used) items that we can sell at our auction. You can help support this great event in two ways—by asking businesses to donate items for the sale and by attending the auction with your friends and relatives! Sr. Carol, our parish nurse, reaches out to many people in our neighborhood with the work that she does. Help bring hope to the residents of our community by supporting the Parish Nurse Ministry. If you have any questions or wish to make a donation, please call Parish Office at 244-2983. Remember—the auction is on Saturday, October 13th at 10:00am

ST. MARY’S ON CTV  Please tune in on October 12th to the CTV Morning Show at 7:51 to see Fr. Steve and Fr. David discuss the Parish Auction in Support of Parish Nursing.  Also, tune in at 6:00pm to see Jeff Rogstad’s interview with Fr. Jon.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU:  The CWL Harvest Supper was a great success.  Thank you to the many hands who helped prepare, donated, attended and prayed.  A special thank you to the youth who helped with the clean up.  The profits will be used for St. Mary’s needs and for other charities.

SODALITAS: Are you grieving and suffering from a loss?  Join us for SODALITAS; a safe caring group for reflecting and sharing for those who are experiencing grief.  At our next meeting, Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 10:00AM, we will be viewing the first of a three part video entitled “Life through Death”.  This session speaks about bereavement, grief and mourning.

 K OF C BREAKFAST The next Knights of Columbus Breakfast will be held on Sunday October 14thfollowing the 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Masses.  Everyone is welcome!

PROLIFE APPRECIATION:  A huge vote of thanks to all of you who donated to Pro-life.  We now raised $523.82.  You are to be commended!  St. Mary’s never fails to amaze me with your generosity.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Eileen Provost.

 PREPARATION FOR FIRST RECONCILIATION AND FIRST COMMUNION We are now inviting all parents and guardians who desire their child to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation (confession) and First Communion to register before October 22nd. You may register in person at the parish office during office hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., or by phone at 244-2983.

PPC REPORT PPC met for its regular meeting on September 19, 2012. Fr. Jon spoke to the Year of Faith which has been proclaimed by Pope Benedict XV1, beginning on October 11, 2012 and ending on November 24, 2013. The Year of Faith offers opportunities for renewal of faith, so that we can be joy-filled witnesses to the Risen Lord, capable of leading others to faith.

We are encouraged to attend the workshops/lectures on this topic that are being offered on October 11th and October 12th at Holy Family Cathedral.

PPC also spent time reviewing our main areas of parish concern; Education, Liturgy, Evangelization, Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, and Community/Social/Hospitality. Some time was spent on Education and looking at what educational opportunities re: the Year of Faith could be presented for our parish community.

Next meeting is October 17, 2012

MEMORIAL MASS:  The annual Memorial Mass in memory of deceased loved ones will be held at St. Mary’s Church on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 7:00pm.  If you wish to include names of your close family members and loved ones who have died this past year, please call Iris at 244-2983 ext. 234.

 A Night Out! – Everyone ages 16 and above is invited to St. Philip Neri parish for a presentation on Tuesday, Oct. 9 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. entitled “Intentional Leadership” with Pat Clarke as the facilitator. This presentation would be valuable to all but especially to those in ministries such as parish council, CWL, K of C, church/school/business committees, and those looking to be in leadership positions. Pre-registration continues until Monday, Oct. 8 and is required so as to have enough prepared materials. Please contact Shirley 343-0325 or e-mail: s.hyshka@stphilipneriparish.ca to be sure to reserve a place for you.

Ministry of Care

Home Ministry of Care

The Sodalitas gathering has been postponed to October 20, 2012 (3rd Saturday) for this month only.

To all who are experiencing loss of any kind, please know that God understands what you are going through.  He knows everything you are thinking and feeling.  He knows your sadness and frustrations.    With care and concern, we offer our love and support through companionship and sharing at our monthly Sodalitas gatherings in the upper meeting room of the parish hall from 10:00am to 12:00 noon.

 Mass Intentions

Monday, October 8  9:00 a.m  †Adam Cechanowicz

Tuesday, October 9  9:00 a.m  †Natalie Melo

Wednesday, October 10  9:00 a.m  †Juliana Faurillo

7:15 p.m  †Ilda Sousa

Thursday, October 11    9:00 a.m  †Camile & Emily Demeester & Family

Friday, October 12  9:00 a.m  All Souls in Purgatory

Saturday, October 13  9:00 a.m  †Alex Dekovic

7:00 p.m  †Jose Augusto & Manuel Terra

Sunday, October 14  9:00 a.m  †Natalie Melo

11:00 a.m  For the parish