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31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin Reflection

Get to the Heart of the Matter

 By Alice Camille

   The old parlor game asks: If you knew you were going to die tonight, what would you do today? Variations abound. If you found out you had an incurable disease, which decisions would you make now that you’ve been putting off? If you had one last chance to say or do something for the people you care about, what would it be? If the world were going to end next week, how would you fill (or empty) this week’s calendar?
We can add: If you had the chance to shape the future of the world this week, for whom or what would you cast your ballot? Yes, it’s another Election Day on Tuesday, and as always there’s a lot for thoughtful people to consider. The main question is this: What criteria do we Christians use in discerning and shaping our future? How do faithful people choose?
Your answer to all these questions of ultimate concern should be the same: Love. That’s not a hippie reply, though even some churchgoers may be tempted to bat it away with impatience as such. Love sounds vague and mushy but only because we live in an age when love stories have been reduced to rushed escapades of sexual attraction and indulgence. Real love stories take more time and require more investment and not a little sacrifice. It’s not a matter of boy-meets-girl but human-need-meets-divinely-ordained-response.
When an educated man came to Jesus with a question of ultimate concern such as those listed above—if you had to govern your life according to one commandment, which would it be?—Jesus did not hesitate to respond with love. He certainly didn’t mean romance, and he intended nothing vague or mushy at all. Jesus spelled out in great detail what he meant by love in his ministry and teachings. Care for the stranger, widow, child, and the poor. Heal human misery, rid society of its demons. Feed the hungry, give your clothes to the naked. Welcome the outsider, forgive the sinner. Befriend your enemy. Refuse to participate in the ways of violence. Stay close to God, the source of love, in prayer and obedient listening.
Do you have any doubt as to how to do that? If you’re clear that your primary allegiance is to God with heart, soul, mind, and strength, you’ll know how to live, choose, value, and vote. Some religious groups will pass out preselected voting cards, but for those who attend to the gospel, that is unnecessary. Your process is: pray, listen, love, choose—it’s the same procedure you’re obliged to follow in every hour of your life and in every interaction. If you would shape the future as God would have it, the only method is love.

Reprinted with permission

Prepare the Word (©2011)



We Need Your Help! There is an urgent need for volunteers for the following ministries in our parish Eucharistic Ministers, Readers of the Word for Sunday Masses, Helpers for Children’s liturgy at the 11am Sunday Mass as well as a pianist for the 11am Sunday Mass. Please consider sharing your talents with the parish. Leave your name with parish office at 244-2983.

 MEMORIAL MASS:  You are invited to join our parish community for the Annual Mass in memory of our deceased loved ones at St. Mary’s Church on Tuesday November 6, 2012 at 7:00pm.  Refreshments and fellowship will follow in the parish hall.  Come and pray for the people who have died so that they will find safe harbour in God’s eternal light.  Please call Iris at 306-244-2983 ext 234 by October 31, 2012 to include the names of your family members and loved ones who have died during the past year.

 ALL SOULS Traditionally, we remember our loved ones who have died, in our prayers throughout the month of November. Special envelopes for All Souls will be available at the entrances of the church starting the weekend of Oct 20/21. On the front of the envelopes, you can print the names of those you would like to have remembered in a special way throughout November. You can leave your envelope near the Book of the Living that will be placed near the altar. We will transfer the names from the envelope to the book. All donations in the envelopes will be for Masses offered for the deceased during November.

K OF C BREAKFAST The next Knights of Columbus Breakfast will be held on November 11th following the 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Masses.  Everyone is welcome!

SODALITAS: Are you grieving and suffering from a loss?  Join us for SODALITAS; a safe caring group for reflecting and sharing for those who are experiencing grief.  Our next meeting is Saturday, November 10 at 10:00AM in the upper room of St. Mary’s Parish Hall.  This month’s theme will be Working through the pain of Grief: Comfortable Being Helpless.

Have you borrowed a Communion Pix from the Church?   Communion to the sick is carried in a small gold or silver vessel called a pix. If you have borrowed one of these from the church and no longer need it please return it to the sacristy or the parish office so that others may use it.


CWL Membership Brunch – Sunday November 18th after the 9:00 a.m. Mass  – ALL LADIES– members and non-members are invited !!

Christmas Tea & Bake Sale – Saturday, December 8th – 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. – Will be looking for your favorite baking – more info will follow

Annual Christmas Party –  Tuesday, December 11th – 6:00 p.m. – catered – $15.00 @ person

ST. MARY’S CWL ELECTION FOR 2013—2014 EXECUTIVE  Every CWL member is eligible to run for the executive and to vote.  Please take a ballot and vote.  Ballot forms are available at the back of the church.  Ballots to be returned and put in the ballot box at the back of the church or put in the collection basket on or before November 18th.

2012 Bishop’s Annual Appeal:  The need of our communities grows and the assistance provided by the Appeal is needed more than ever.  If you have not yet made a pledge to the Appeal, please consider doing so in the next few weeks.  Your gift to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal will help continue the vital ministries and programs offered throughout the Diocese.

 SUNDAY MISSALS will be available for purchase. These handy resources contain the readings for each Sunday and some special feasts. Missals are intended to be used for home study, to read the readings before you come to church. The new missals begin with the new liturgical year, the first Sunday of Advent. They will be available for purchase during office hours at the rectory as well as after all the Masses the weekends of November 17/18 and November 24/25. Cost is $5.00 each.

 Time Out for Moms, Catholic Enrichment for Woman, is celebrating its 15th anniversary! Please join us for our Prayer Breakfast Fundraiser featuring guest speaker Leah Perrault and her talk entitled “This Holy Family.” Come enjoy a delicious meal with us and leave inspired to live a holier Advent season! The event will be held Saturday November 17th 2012, 9 – 11:30 a.m. at The Park Town Hotel.  Tickets are $30 each. Please call Rosa Caswell for tickets and information: 979-7375.

November 11, 2012 – Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time  Trusting in God is hard for everyone; we want to be in control.  God cares for us even more than we care for ourselves; knowing our needs and desires.  This week we read about two women that put their total trust in God.  They believed, they trusted, they gave control of their lives over to the God.  As good stewards we are called to follow their example; to give in gratitude, without fear, proportionately and generously.

Memorial Mass:  Tuesday, November 6th 7:00 p.m.   Please join our parish community for the annual Mass in memory of our deceased loved ones here at St. Mary’s Church.  Refreshments and fellowship will follow in the hall.

Home Ministry of Care

Grief is an intense process and a very personal one.  It takes time and energy.  During the grief process, it is very helpful to have the support and encouragement of others.  Participating with others who are also enduring the pain and loneliness of loss helps us to better comprehend our anxieties and frustrations.  To attend a grief support group is a wise investment of time.  Through sharing and listening and discussing with others what this process of grieving means to you leads to a journey of discovery.  We invite anyone who is suffering loss of any kind to attend our grief support group (SODALITAS) in the upper meeting room of St. Mary’s Hall on Saturday November 10th, 10:00am to 12:00 noon

Youth Ministry

Vocations and the Year of Faith, are two parts of our Christian community that go very well together.  They are two pieces of life that we need to constantly bring before our eyes.  The great added bonus to these wonderful truths is that we, God’s people, can all invite these two wonderful gifts to work even closer together and I would like to explain how.  The year of Faith reminds us that 50 years ago Pope John XXIII invited the windows of the Church to be open to the world.  We need to let others into our Faith lives and we need to bring our Faith Commitment to others.

As we all take time to open our lives and our faith to the world we also need to be open to the world as it calls on us.  Jesus told us what to do with our faith – Be Not Afraid!  We need to do something about it.

We cannot be afraid to try something new, we cannot be afraid to reach beyond our comfort zone, we cannot be afraid to wear our faith on our sleeves and let everyone know what matters to us, namely Jesus.  An easy way to try something new is to get another to try it with you.  There are many reasons that Jesus sent out His disciples 2×2 but one of them has to be companionship.  With another we can do all things, with another we can open our lives and share our stories, with another we can live our vocations.

We all need to live and share our vocations.  How did God invite you to be where you are right now?  How did God invite you to share in the love of the people around you?  How did God invite you into His world?  On November 1st and 2nd we pray for all of the saints in our lives and all of the souls that fill our days.  Living our vocations calls us to strive to be saints and encourage others to be as well.  Living our vocations calls us to pray for all of the souls in our hearts, in our prayers and in our day to day lives.  Living our vocations calls us to be our very best.  It is up to each one of us to be our very best and encourage others to do the same, it is up to each one of us to be not afraid.