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    Perpetual Help Devotions at both Wednesday Masses

    Adoration and Benediction on First Saturdays following the 9:00 AM Mass until 12:00 Noon
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    Wednesday: 6:30-7pm

    Or by appointment
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Pentecost Sunday

Bulletin Reflection

Take a Deep Breath

 By Alice Camille

   New wine has yet to turn toward vinegar, which means its alcohol level is especially potent. That is why passersby on that fateful PentecostPentecost in Jerusalem imagined the disciples had been hitting the new barrels before they hit the streets that morning. How else could these ignorant Galileans dare to say the things they were saying about Jesus of Nazareth? “Ignorant Galileans” is overspeak to be sure: The elite of Jerusalem presumed Galileans of the day ignorant until proven otherwise.   Of course the real ignorance is demonstrated by the cosmopolitan population of the streets, those same people who figured the clarity of the disciples’ speech must spring from some confused state. What they couldn’t have known is that the source of this animation wasn’t in what the Galileans were drinking but in what they’d been inhaling: the very breath of God.   Divine breath has a long history in the Bible. In the Book of Genesis God animates the dust of the earth with breath to form the first human being. The psalmist today assures us that life is renewed or withdrawn every moment at the movement of God’s breath. In the Johannine gospel account Jesus breathes on his frightened disciples to make new creatures of them: fearless apostles. The message is crystalline. If you want to live, to be made new, to be all you can be, breathe deeply of the divine Spirit.   I think most of us want this quality of life. That’s why we come to church, why we try to follow the rules and do the right thing, why we pray and share our money in the basket and repeatedly accept the sacraments. We seek an exalted form of living that’s more than doing our duty and chasing our routines, going to work, changing diapers, and brushing our teeth. Our humanity must amount to more than that or we’re no more than animals. Saint Paul tells the Romans flat out that bodily life pales and fades when we embrace Spirit-life. We no longer merely service the animal when we serve the Spirit—a gift that became blatantly clear even to ignorant Galileans when they first inhaled that mighty breath.   So what will happen if we dare to inhale? Expect everything but business as usual. Expect transformation. Expect to be ushered out of your safe hiding place and into the streets, doing what you once feared doing and saying what you scarcely imagined saying. Expect divine fire and gifted speech and new sight and remarkable clarity about what your life is for. Expect a new courage and a reversal of priorities. Expect joy and community and the freedom of the children of God. Or else you can hold your breath and remain just as you are.

Reprinted with permission

Prepare the Word (©2013)



1ST COMMUNION/CONFIRMATION  Please keep our young catechumens in your prayers as they prepare for the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation on June 12, 2013.

2ND ANNUAL LATIN FEST:  St. Mary’s Hispanic Community will be hosting their 2nd Annual Latin Fest on Sunday May 26th from 12:00 noon to 5:00pm at the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market.  Ticket prices are $25.00 for adults, $20.00 for students and seniors, and $10.00 for children under 12.  Tickets are available at the parish office during regular office hours or by phoning 306-244-2983.

A BIG THANK YOU to those who generously donated plastic grocery bags for St. Mary’s Charities.  We currently have enough, but please continue to save your plastic bags and drop them off at the parish office in June.

The CWL Clothing Depot, located at 619-20th St. West, in Saskatoon, would appreciate donations of new and gently used summer clothing, shoes and purses. Also required are sheets, comforters, blankets, towels and small kitchen items. These can be dropped off at the above address or call 306-242-5042 for pick up at your front door.

 PENTECOST SUNDAY—MAY 19TH:  On Pentecost Sunday at the 11:00am Mass, we will again celebrate the ethnic diversity of our parish.  Please be sure to wear your ethnic clothing and bring a flag or banner that represents your cultural group.  We will meet at the rectory lawn at 10:45am and process into the Church for Mass.  Many groups and individuals will be contacted to bring a sample of ethnic finger foods for this celebration.  If you would be willing to bring a tray or small serving of ethnic food for all to share, please call 244-2983 and let us know.  Thanks to all who help make our Pentecost celebration a success!

MARIAN MOVEMENT OF PRIESTS:  The annual Diocesan Cenacle of Prayer will be held on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 7:00pm at St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral, 720 Spadina Crescent East.  Holy Mass followed by Cenacle, Celebrants—Fr. Pius Schroh and Fr. Denis Phaneuf.  Everyone is welcome.  For more information contact Edna Evans @ 306-382-1680.

Prayer for Families – Catholic Week of Life and Family

God of all times and places, we ask you to be with us as we pray:

For families who struggle to speak to one another in love,

For families who delight in being together,

For families who want to live with less in order that others might have more,

For families who do not have enough, and struggle for the necessities of life,

For families who read your word together,

For families who find it hard to spend any time together,

For my family, For the families in my community, For the families in our parish,

For the families around the world, For all families,  we pray that your love will grow in all families so that your love will shine through them. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen

CWL News

The deadline to register to attend the CWL Provincial Convention at Holy Family Cathedral on June 3 & 4 is Tuesday May 21.  The agenda is as follows:

 June 3rd

10:00am Registration

12:00pm Opening Ceremonies

6:30pm   Catered Banquet ($27.00)

June 4th

7:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast  (for all delegates)12:15 p.m. Closing Eucharist & Installation of Officers –

1:15 p.m. Lunch – Parish Hall ($15.00).

Call Jean  Shirley  – 306-382-6100 to register.

 The First Annual Evening Under the Stars Concert will assist St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation to purchase a Digital Transmission Electron Microscope, the first of its kind in Saskatchewan. The concert is scheduled for Wednesday, August 21 at Whitecap Sports Centre on the Whitecap Dakota First Nation south of Saskatoon. Gates will open at 5:00 p.m. Early bird tickets are $50 and are available  at Sask Jazz Festival Box Office, Delta Bessborough Hotel 601 Spadina Cres E, 306.652-4700 or 1.800.638.1211.

The Evening Under the Stars concert offers great food, captivating entertainment and an opportunity to experience First Nations culture all wrapped up in a natural prairie setting with a full moon to light the stage.  Headline act is The Music of Queen, presented by Jeans n Classics, accompanied by the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra and a local symphonic choir. Detailed information is available at  http://eveningunderthestars.ca


 Home Ministry of Care

IT’S PENTECOST – This is without a doubt one of my favourite feasts of the year. There’s Holy Fire coming down from Heaven, there’s people talking in different languages all at once but understanding one another, and to top it all off this is the birthday of the Church. This is a joyous Holy time of the year so let us all enjoy the party. Let us all laugh well and often this next week and voice our enjoyment of all the little blessings that God sends our way. Maybe we can play some music that we love and sing along at top volume; or dance along to it without any care who might be watching. Whatever we do we shouldn’t let it pass without being aware of the joy that the Holy Spirit has gifted in our lives. Happy Pentecost everybody.  Carrie

 Youth Ministry

Does it ever happen that we pray for an individual priest by name?  A few weeks ago we were all given a chance to pray for the new pastoral appointments that are due as of the first of July.  Do we remember those parishes and those called by God?  Do we remember to pray for the religious in our lives?  The priests who have been with us here at St. Mary’s and the many others; Oblate, Franciscan, Dominican, Jesuit & Redemptorist priests we have all known.  Do we remember to pray for those at Discernment House or what about the many sisters who live in our community, are they a part of our intercessions?  These are just a few of the type of questions that are asked at the monthly Diocesan Vocation Committee.  Soon details of a video presentation/contest will be available, more reminders to us all how we can keep the priests and religious in our minds, hearts & prayers.  Keep reading here for more information due to come…..

Trinity Sunday is just around the corner and with it comes another youth mass, young people are we ready to let our talents shine?  Is singing in the choir a gift that can be shared, what about serving as an usher or greeter?  Let’s make it happen and show our talents to all.

This past year has seen a few new people join the ranks of becoming altar servers.  The first communion class and confirmation class is bigger than ever before.  Serving our brothers and sisters is an invitation to all of us.  Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation is what the greater church asks of us as we prepare to take on these roles, Are we ready to serve on the altar, are we ready to live the sacramental call?  God is calling, our community is calling all we need to do is answer.

The Knights of Columbus keep reminding us of a fun filled summer activity.  Do we know what we are doing yet for the warmer days of summer?  Black Strap Youth Camp is a great option, ask a Knight about the camp or feel free to go online and ask questions.

 Pentecost2Mass Intentions

Monday, May 20  9:00 a.m  †Ana & Antonio Andrade & Family

Tuesday, May 21  9:00 a.m  †Emelia Petryshyn

Wednesday, May 22    9:00 a.m  †Antonio Giocoli

7:15 p.m  †Rose Zerr

Thursday, May 23    9:00 a.m  †Joao & Emilia Moreira & Family

Friday, May 24  9:00 a.m  †Adeline Lumley

Saturday, May 25  9:00 a.m  †Natalie Melo

7:00 p.m  †Fr. David Cottingham C.Ss.R.

Sunday, May 26  9:00 a.m  †Terisa Berzola & †Cleopas Tampan

11:00 a.m  For the parish