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10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A World Wants For Miracles

By Alice Camille

   Tired. That’s how I feel when I read about Elijah rushing upstairs to save a dead child on behalf of his grief-stricken hostess. Or 10th Sunday in Ordinary Timehear Saint Paul’s confession about eagerly persecuting the church until he heartily embraced it and became its biggest missionary. Or consider that Jesus couldn’t walk a mile down a road without encountering someone who needs a miracle out of him. The work of God’s man or woman is never done, it seems.   And yet tired isn’t all I feel. There’s also a profound sense of awe at the wonders, relief, and joy for the recipients, a burning sense of justice served, and gratitude that God so loves the world that this kind of thing could happen at all. Could happen, and did happen, and still happens. Because the world still has its prophets, wonder-workers, and missionaries, and none of us can walk a mile without running into Jesus somewhere, whether we’re looking for him or not.   And yet—another reversal is in order: Because sons continue to die and mothers grieve them. My own mother lost two sons, one as a child and another as a man, and mourns them both these many years. The living pietàs of this world could be lined up from here to Syria, or Palestine, or Kenya, or Tibet, or Connecticut. While miraculous healings do still enrich the world, many more sick and dying ones simply sicken and die. There is no holy prophet racing to the bedside of every motionless child. There is no man or woman of God passing by in the nick of time to change the course of every funeral procession and obliterate the traces of every tragedy.   Listening to today’s gospel, each one of us has a face in mind, a person we love who’s in peril, someone we dearly want to save or to see God save in some magical intervention that swoops out of nowhere and restores what’s been lost. It’s hard to hear that such miraculous things can happen and have happened but mostly don’t.   And yet: We continue to tell these stories for the same reason they were first told to generations of hurting, hopeful people. God does intend that all mourners become dancers, that our children will be rescued and our dead will come to life again. God even intends to derail every destroyer (Saul of Tarsus) so that only creative, restorative impulses will one day remain (Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles).   Because Jesus really is walking down every dusty road in God’s creation, and no funeral procession ever goes unvisited and unrecorded, my mother’s sons, and every mother’s child, across a world of heavy-armed and sorrowing pietàs, will hear the same lovely call: “I tell you, arise!”

Reprinted with permission

Prepare the Word (©2013)


 Bulletin Announcements

1ST COMMUNION/CONFIRMATION  Please keep our young catechumens in your prayers as they prepare for the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation on June 12, 2013.

The CWL Clothing depot, located at 619-20th St. West, in Saskatoon, would appreciate donations of new and gently used summer clothing, shoes and purses. Also required are sheets, comforters, blankets, towels and small kitchen items. These can be dropped off at the above address or call 306-242-5042 for pick up at your front door.

 K OF C BREAKFAST The next Knights of Columbus Breakfast will be held on Sunday June 9th following the 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Masses.  Everyone is welcome!

Blackstrap Youth Camp invites youth ages 8 – 13 years to a rocking summer experience. Camp runs weekly from Sunday to Friday. Dates have been set for 2013 summer camp as follow: July 7 – 12, Jul 14 – 19, July 21 – 26, July 28 – Aug 2, Aug 4 – 9. Join in fun activities such as: canoeing, tenting, arts and crafts, praise and worship, swimming, camp out, variety night, mud pit and dance. Application forms available from our website: blackstrapyouthcamp.com, email campblackstrap@gmail.com or call us at 306 934-1838. Rock your summer with us. You’ll be glad you did!!!

 50th Ordination Anniversaries:  On June 16 St. Anne’s Parish will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Frs. Lawrence DeMong and Ralph Kleiter’s ordination to the priesthood as well as the ordination of Dan Yasinski who will preside at the 11 am Mass.  A Fathers’ Day breakfast will be provided by the Knights of Columbus and a program involving the presence of Bishop Don Bolen from 2-3 pm will celebrate a variety of vocations including 60th anniversaries of Marriage.  A hamburger supper with potluck salads and desserts will be offered to all present at 4 pm.  Everyone welcome.

BRUNO CHERRY SUNDAY Aug. 18:  Food, entertainment, speakers and Cherry U-Pick! Come on out to Bruno, SK (90km E of Saskatoon), and enjoy a day of family-friendly, honest-to-goodness small-town fun!  www.CherryFestival.ca

St. George’s Seniors Club – Invites you to enjoy an afternoon of socializing and a BBQ/Picnic in the Park ( Steve Patola Park adjacent to the Seniors Hall – weather permitting otherwise in the hall) WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19TH – 1:00 – 3:30 p.m. Socializing – 4:00 p.m. – Supper (BBQ Hamburgers, salads, dessert, etc.)  – Cost:  Free Will Offering.    Come on down and join us!!

The Diocese of Saskatoon aims to make parishes safe places for everyone. The Covenant of Care and Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Protocol are the code of ethics and procedures dealing with issues of misconduct and abuse by both lay and ordained within our Catholic community. The covenant and protocol can be found online at www.saskatoonrcdiocese.com/covenantofcare Those without access to the Internet can obtain a copy of the documents by calling the Catholic Pastoral Centre at (306) 242-1500 or toll free at 1-877-661-5005. If, after reading the documents, there are points you would like clarified, please feel free to contact your pastor or Diocesan Coordinator of Care Blake Sittler at (306) 659-5834. All parishes have been asked to name a Parish Coordinator of Care (PCC) by mid-June and then to permanently promote the PPC name and contact number in the parish bulletin. Anyone who is aware of a breach of the protocol may contact the pastor or PPC. If you are uncomfortable with reporting it within the parish you may contact the Diocesan Coordinator of Care directly by calling Blake Sittler at (306) 659-5834. Allegations of a criminal nature should be made directly to city police or the local branch of the RCMP.

 Home Ministry of Care

In keeping with “Our Waters Our Life” the Kairos Action to Protect Water I wanted to share some water facts:

The earth is a closed system, similar to a terrarium, meaning that it rarely loses or gains extra matter. The same water that existed on the earth millions of years ago is still present today. The water that came from your faucet could contain molecules that Neanderthals drank.

Water is the only substance found on earth naturally in three forms – solid, liquid and gas.

You can survive about a month without food, but only 5 to 7 days without water

As oceans are very wide and there are multiple to be found on earth, oceans store most of the earth’s water. This is apparently 97% of the total amount of water on earth, 2% of which is frozen.  This means that if all the world’s water were fit into a gallon jug, the fresh water available for us to use would equal only about one tablespoon.

This is why it is so important to protect our waters.  This is why we get together and act in solidarity with our Indigenous peoples for the “Gathering of the Waters” action in Ottawa on June 20th.  Please join in prayer and if you are interested there is more information at www.kairoscanada.org and www.naturecanada.ca.

Carrie Witzel

 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time2Youth Ministry

We are blessed as a church.  All we need to do is look around and inspiration is everywhere to see, all we need to do is go and get it.  In early June the church offers us two blessed people we can look towards for inspiration.  Those two are St. Ephrem and St. Barnabas.

Ephrem lived long ago, through his inspiration we can keep reaching beyond and never giving up.  He gave us many beautiful and original hymns.  He showed us how to share in all that God has given to us.  As we look upon St. Ephrem we need to remember to thank God for the graces to constantly do our best.  Sometimes it is not easy, some times we wind up selling ourselves short, yet we need to reach beyond and dream New Dreams and hope for more.  We cannot settle but must strive for all that can be…

As June begins we are also invited to remember St. Barnabas, the one know as the son of encouragement.  Barnabas preached for many, he shared the good news and was considered very successful in converting the gentile world.  Barnabas gives us the ability to look into our own lives and see where we have been part of a different answer.  Barnabas inspired so many to change and he invites us to look and see how we can inspire.  The two ordinations which are coming up on Friday June 14 must serve as an inspiration for all of us.

Other people in our lives, people like the Knights of Columbus, the C.W.L., people who teach us to serve and to say thank you have to inspire us.  The BLACKSTRAP youth camp can be a location where we can get inspired, are you interested in finding out more, ASK, SEEK, KNOCK and the information is at our fingertips.

Two weekends ago the altar servers and others shared inspiration for all of us, they lead us in a youth mass, we can all give our piece, we just need to offer, lets offer together….

 Mass Intentions

Monday, June 10  9:00 a.m  †Rose Zerr

Tuesday, June 11  9:00 a.m  Murray Family

Wednesday, June 12    9:00 a.m  †Reg Hatchen

7:15 p.m  Confirmation (No intentions)

Thursday, June 13    9:00 a.m  †Donatina Pellittieri

Friday, June 14  9:00 a.m  †Paston Matarong

Saturday, June 15  9:00 a.m  †Fr. Kaz Zabawa C.Ss.R.

7:00 p.m  †Josep Wong

Sunday, June 16  9:00 a.m  †Bernardino Bairos & Family

11:00 a.m  For the parish