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1st Sunday of Lent – March 9, 2014

Bulletin Reflection

We are at the beginning of our Lenten Journey. The Gospel puts us and Jesus in the same context. Forty days ahead of us of prayer and fasting.

In Luke’s Gospel he talks about the three temptations. In Mark’s account of the same story he only tells us that Jesus was in the wilderness 40 days, he was tempted by Satan… he was with wild beasts, and the angels waited on Him.

I once spent 10 days in the desert… it was wild, I was tempted to go home, there were beasts.

I can imagine a little what it might have been like for Jesus, but it’s not necessary that we have ever been in a desert to understand this story because the desert journey is really just a picture of our lives.

How often do we fear, how often are we tempted by our desires, how often do we go without those things that we wish we had for ourselves or for our children.

Lent is a microcosm of all this. It is a play that we enter into with all seriousness and we act out over the next 40 days the struggles of our lives.

 Almsgiving: we give to the poor because it reminds us that no matter how bad we think we have it there are always those that have it worse. We open our eyes to the blessings we have when we look at the places in the world that have so little.

Fasting & Abstinence: By giving to the poor we don’t become poor, but when we fast we get the feeling of what it is like to be poor. Fasting means giving up something good for a higher purpose. We do this not to suffer but to become aware of those things that we take for granted. And fasting doesn’t have to just be about food.

Prayer & Penance: We remind ourselves through prayer that this is not a self indulgent exercise. This is not just another method of self improvement, that we don’t fast just so that we can lose weight and look better. Our Lenten journey is nothing if it does not connect us more closely to our creator. Prayer and sorrow for our sins is an important part of this process. It is the means by which we and God communicate together.

The focus of Lent then is not primarily on suffering and deprivation, but rather it is helping us to prepare a place in our hearts for that great promise that God gives us, the Easter promise of resurrection.

40 days of Lent might seem like a long time. But it is eclipsed by the even greater season of Easter which we celebrate for 50 days.

May God bless your Lenten journey.

Fr. Jon Hansen, C.Ss.R.

Pastor, St. Mary’s Parish

St. Mary’s Parish Mission

Please join us for our Parish Mission as we prepare our hearts for Easter. Fr. Michael Smolinski and the Outreach Team from the “Welcome Home” in Winnipeg will guide us during a week of prayer and reflection on our call to meet our God in the presence of the poor. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity for Spiritual refreshment. The mission runs each evening at 7 pm from Sunday, March 30 – Thursday, April 3. More news to come.

Station 20 West Fundraiser: Touch of Ukraine Supper and Silent Auction

Join us to continue the Saskatoon churches’ support for Station 20 West and the Good Food Junction Store, on Saturday, March 15 at Bethlehem High School, 110 Bowlt Crescent. Tickets: $25 for adults and $15 for children available at McNally Robinson Bookstore or from Donna, 306 343-9378 or donna@station20west.org.  Doors open with cocktails at 5:00 pm and supper at 6:00 pm. Includes entertainment and silent auction of collectibles.

 PARISH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  St. Mary’s 47th Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place this year on March 23 at 2:00PM in the lower parish hall. This is an important meeting in the life of our parish as it is an opportunity for you to hear about how things have been going during the past year in the various aspects of parish life and to share your own opinions and concerns. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend.  AGM booklets will be available for pick up from the parish office starting March 15, 2014.  Please call ahead to check for availability.

K of C—All You Can Eat Breakfast   The Best Deal in Town—Today  March 9th —Pancake Breakfast today after the 9 and 11 am masses.

Praying for Peace in Ukraine—7pm Daily at Local Shrine   Prayers for the people of Ukraine are the focus of Moleben Services held each day at 7 pm at the Shrine of Venerable Nun Martyrs Olympia and Laurentia, 215 Avenue M South, Saskatoon. Everyone is welcome to join the Sisters of Saint Joseph at this daily event.

Mardi Gras Variety Night and Pancake Dinner —A Big Thank you to all that came and participated in this very successful parish event.  And thank you to the Knights of Columbus for their faithful service to the parish—We have many talented people in the parish—Thank you so much for sharing with us.  Everyone had fun!!!  We can hardly wait until next year.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS  Are you looking for an opportunity to pray during this Lenten Season?  Join us each Frday evening as we pray together, mediating on the passion of our Lord in the Stations of the Cross.   Fridays at 7:00 pm in St. Mary’s Church, starting on March 14, 21, and 28.

FLOWERS DURING LENT  The season of Lent is Penitential in nature, that is, it is a time to reflect on our weaknesses as human beings in order to call upon God’s help.  One of the ways that we help ourselves do this is by keeping the church decorations very simple.  To help with this we would ask that you refrain from placing fresh cut flowers before the Tabernacle, altar or shrine so that when Easter comes the arrival of flowers in the Church will be an even greater moment of celebration.

Lenten Ecumenical Retreat  Saturday March 22, St. John’s Cathedral – 816 Spadina Cresc E, from 9:30—3:30.  Cost $15.  This retreat features DVD presentation Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi.  For further information call Sarah at 306-717-3707

Foundations Series Exploring Our Faith Together Program  The Seven Last Statements of Jesus  presented by:  Sr. Teresita Kambeitz, OSU, at 1 pm Wednesday, March 12 at Columbian Manor, 2940 Louise Street.  This meditation upon Jesus’s words from the cross leads us into the mystery of letting go”  and finding new life.  To register, contact Dorothy at 306-668-2048.  Cost $5


  • EASTER TEA & BAKE SALE—April 5th.  We are planning a great Tea.  Any items you have to donate to the raffle table please bring them to the rectory or contact Hazel at 306-668-4416 or Vina at 306-382-7117
  • CWL CLOTHING DEPOT ANNUAL MEETING  – 7:30 pm March 31 at St Patrick’s

Quote from Pope Francis

“Just as the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say “thou shalt not” to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Such an economy kills. How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?” — Apostolic Exhortation,  The Joy of the Gospel.

Altar Server, Youth & Other News

Youth News, what is happening for our Church !

Loving God, you call us to be servants to all of your people.  Through our acts of faith we get to lead others towards you.  Send your Spirit into our lives so that we may have the gift of humility, the gift to extinguish selfish desires, to see all people as one family, and to carry out your message to feed the hungry and comfort those who suffer.  We seek to do all things to glorify you, Lord, and to grow in union with you!

On Saturday March 15, The Redemptorists invite you, along with this diocese, to celebrate the Feast of St. Clement Mary Hofbauer C.Ss.R.  It is sometimes said that St. Clement is the “Second founder of The Redemptorists”.

He show us all what it means to be a friend.  St. Clement had a great friend, Thadius Huble.  When Thadius died St. Clement was very distraught.  To quote a movie which we all know; “They went together like peas and carrots.”  Two great friends to guide us and lead us, two great friends to show us what life is all about, what these 40 days of Lent are all about.  40 days to move beyond selfish desires and put others first.

  Others must be first!  Jesus must be first!  At the end of Lent we all celebrate Easter, why not begin to ready our hearts now?  Acts of service can help us to get ready.  Let’s serve each other, let’s live this Lent to its Fullest.  The Redemptorists who have called St. Mary’s home will allow Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving to guide us, why don’t we all?

Home Ministry of Care

So here we are on the First Sunday in Lent, trying to organize our thoughts around the change of seasons.  A friend of mine used to draw the analogy of the year being like a traffic light.  Sometimes the light is green and we just keep powering on through, scanning the edges for anything that might be amiss.

Sometimes the light is Red and we’re asked to Stop and be fully mindful of what’s happening around us.  I think this is very much like Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Easter.

And sometimes, like now in Lent, we have a yellow light and we’re asked to proceed more slowly.  We’re asked to be mindful of those things in our lives that can cause us harm; those things we find tempting and distracting from our real call to Christ.  So welcome to the whole yellow light season.  May it be a little slower and very fruitful.  I do have one temptation that I struggle with; I think that a yellow light means pedal to the metal and I won’t have to stop.  The Church has great wisdom in the changing of Liturgical Seasons and I stand to gain so much if I can take the time to apply a little caution, patience and prayer.     Carrie

Mass Intentions

Monday, March 10                9:00 a.m   †Juliana Faurillo

Tuesday, March 11                9:00 a.m †Stephen Schnob

Wednesday, March 12          9:00 a.m   Mary Anne Selsky

Wednesday, March 12           7:15 p.m   †Adam Cechanowicz

Thursday, March 13               9:00 a.m †Maria Mel & †Manuel Moura

Friday, March 14                      9:00 a.m  †Mark Trembley

Saturday, March 15                 9:00 a.m   Michael Prystupa

Saturday, March 15                 7:00 p.m  †Vincenzo Odorico

Sunday, March 16                     9:00 a.m  †Elaine Boyle

Sunday, March 16                    11:00 a.m  For the parish


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