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March 26, 2014

hands raised


Join us as we prepare our hearts for Easter.  Fr. Michael Smolinski and the Outreach Team from Winnipeg.  Don’t miss this incredible opportunity for Spiritual Refreshment for all!!!


 Bulletin Reflection
By:  Alice Camille

          People can fight about religion, they can come to blows about race or language. They can scream bloody murder about politics, cross swords regarding gender differences. They can disagree about money—boy, can they ever. They can even fight about war: whether a war is being waged well, or is good to begin with, or if any war can be good. They can have pitched battles about resources, ownership, authority, ethics, law; the children, the elders; what happened in the past or should happen in the future. Where two or more are gathered the reasons for conflict are astronomical. Even the most amiable of spouses have a few choice differences of opinion, if you dig deeply enough.

Meribah and Massah was the scene of epic conflict in the time of Moses. Later the dual name of the place becomes a metaphor for quarreling, testing, and rebellion that shows up in songs like Psalm 81, 95, and 106: However bad things get, let’s not allow it to become Meribah and Massah, folks! It’s not that blood was shed at Meribah or that lives were lost at Massah. Many scenes of great violence and death took place in the desert years; this wasn’t one of those events. What made it such a memorable occasion was the hardness of hearts: It was the people vs. Moses and, in a larger sense, the people vs. God. Meribah and Massah was the place where a nation rescued from slavery and persecution actually turned on its redeemer and his representative in a remarkable rejection of trust and confidence.

Fast-forward 1,200 years. The scene is a well. No one is calling this place Meribah and Massah, but there’s still an atmosphere of conflict here, of hearts hardened against each other for ancient reasons. This is Samaria, after all, and a Samaritan-owned well. Some Jew wants a drink. There is no reason this should end well. Recall, too, that drawing water is woman’s work, and so gender roles complicate the scene. She’s got the bucket and the rights, but he’s a man, which gives him a certain authority.

Religious differences add fuel to the potential conflict. This woman’s “five husbands” are, from a rabbinical perspective, the five tenets of Samaritan religion: belief in one God, in Moses as the one prophet, in the Torah as the only Book, in Mt. Gerizim as the one place of worship, and in final judgment. Three of these directly oppose Jewish belief in other prophets, other holy books, and Jerusalem as the only Temple. A collision course between this woman and this man seems inevitable. Instead truth brings their disparate hearts into resonance. This will not be a place of conflict but of hope.
Reprinted with permission
 Prepare the Word (©2014)



    Tea & Bake

April 5, 2014  Saturday
1:00—3:00 p.m.

Admission $3.00

We will once again be counting on ladies for their great baking and breads.  There will be raffles and a door prize.  Plan on attending and bring a friend!

Praying for Peace in Ukraine—7pm Daily at Local Shrine

 Prayers for the people of Ukraine daily at 7 pm at the Shrine of Venerable Nun Martyrs Olympia and Laurentia, 215 Ave M South.  Everyone is welcome.


Join St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Holy Family, in conjunction with the Diocese of Saskatoon and the Universal Church, at the request of His Holiness Pope Francis, as we spend 24 hours with Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration and participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Adoration and Confession will be held at St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral for 1 pm until midnight Friday, March 28, and continuing through the night.  Adoration and Confession will be held at Holy Family from midnight to 1:00 pm Saturday March 29, 2014.


  Are you looking for an opportunity to pray during this Lenten Season?  Join us each Frday evening as we pray together, mediating on the passion of our Lord in the Stations of the Cross.   Fridays at 7:00 pm in St. Mary’s Church, March 28, April 4, & April 11.


  The season of Lent is Penitential in nature, that is, it is a time to reflect on our weaknesses as human beings in order to call upon God’s help.  One of the ways that we help ourselves do this is by keeping the church decorations very simple.  To help with this we would ask that you refrain from placing fresh cut flowers before the Tabernacle, altar or shrine so that when Easter comes the arrival of flowers in the Church will be an even greater moment of celebration.


Featuring East Indian Buffet Sunday April 6 5—8 pm at Cathedral of the Holy Family.  All proceeds going directly towards Health, Youth & women development projects.  Tickets are $20 each—available from the Parish Office or Sr. Carol at 306-244-2983.

 The Joy of the Gospel Presentation

 The theme of a beautiful new letter by Pope Francis, which will be examined in detail in an upcoming Foundations:  Exploring Our Faith series in our diocese.  Fr. Bernard de Margerie and Sr. Teresita Kambeitz, OSU, will present “The Joy of the Gospel” on  Wednesday evenings during Lent:  March 26 and April 2, 7 p.m. at St. Paul Co-Cathedral.  Pre-registration not required.  Free Will Offering.

Altar Server, Youth & Other News
Vocation News during Lent…

On March 5 all of us had Ashes placed on our foreheads and we were invited “to turn away from SIN and turn to THE GOOD NEWS, THE GOSPEL, and all that FAITH promises us.  It has been over three weeks since Lent began….it has bee over three weeks since PRAYER, FASTING and ALMS GIVING have taken on a greater meaning for each of us.  Last week, The 2nd Sunday of Lent, as Jesus came down the mountain He calls out to each of us: ”BE NOT AFRAID.”

Lent is all about trying something new and not being afraid.  Lent is all about letting Christ into our lives.  That might take shape in attending St. Mary’s Mission, which promises to help all of us open our eyes and our hearts.  It might mean sharing in Reconciliation which is very available during these days of Lent.  Bethlehem High School & BJM High School’s are both offering Reconciliation next week and E.D. Feehan will soon be offering their service.

Lent might mean being the best any of us can be.  Lent might mean offering a caring hand, a warm smile, a kind service to another.  Lent does mean prayer – Be Not Afraid, Christ calls us to pray.

Home care


I am struggling with the notion that we can’t feed everyone who is hungry.  We live in a world that can make enough food for everybody.  Jesus made it clear that we were to feed the hungry.  Here we are in Lent again reading the messages from Development and Peach and we see the worthiness of the cause and yet, still, so many remain hungry.  This isn’t a new problem so why hasn’t God Solved it yet?  And then I remembered Christ as he was tempted in the desert.  The first temptation was for Jesus to command the stones to become loaves of bread and Christ refused, “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”  By the end of the passage the language Jesus uses is getting fairly strong with “Away with you, Satan!”  It seems that magically turning stones into food just isn’t how it works.  But Jesus did divide the loaves and fishes to feed everyone.  I guess the difference here was that he was taking something that was offered from the people, a shared sacrifice, and that became enough for everyone to eat.  So I guess it’s not really God that hasn’t solved the hunger problem.  It is more that we people are not yet offering up our resources to be transformed so to feed everyone.  And so there are still hungry people in the world and we will keep trying to do our best to share as Christ asks us to.  Thank you for being the kind of Community that is doing it’s part in this feeding of the hungry; I feel some consolation even with my impatience.



Monday, March 24                    9:00 am                   Manuel & Ines Moreiro
Tuesday, March 25                   9:00 am                   †All Souls
Wednesday, March 26             9:00 am                   Jose Savino
Wednesday, March 26             7:15 pm                   Mark Trevor Durocher
Thursday, March 27                  9:00 am                  †Jennie Gromadko
Friday, March 28                        9:00 am                  †Stephen Schnob
Saturday, March 29                   9:00 am                  †Jose, Maria & Tony Figueiredo
Sunday, March 30                     9:00 am                  †Victorinho Sousa
Sunday, March 30                   11:00 am                  For the parish


















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