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4th Sunday of Easter ● May 11, 2014

good shepherd


You’d know that voice anywhere
By Alice Camille 

Today we pray for vocations—and mothers. Not such a strange pairing because many vocations into this world come by way of mothers. Many learned to say their prayers from their mothers and were brought to Mass (later dragged to Mass) and sacraments and other parish involvements because it was important to their mothers. You learned her values and observed them in her example and maybe that left an impression on you. A lot of you are in church this morning because of the woman we honor society-wide today.
But obviously some inherited their religious values from their fathers, or grandmothers, or a significant mentor or friend who made the faith seem so attractive and desirable that they came to the church later. It’s probably extremely rare (if it ever happens at all) that someone wakes up one morning and independently has a thought to become a Catholic or to be baptized a Christian. Faith is a gift that comes by way of a giver. As the saying goes, it’s caught more than taught. We use “call”-language of invitation or summons to describe the experience. People come to faith because of what they’ve heard, and their arrival is their response.

“Call” is not a singular event. When you enter into relationships with people, you don’t get one phone call, one invitation, and never hear from them again. Rather that voice becomes a familiar voice. You come to know everything about that voice because it’s a sound you want to hear and to which you leap up in response. The call to Christ is the same way. It doesn’t occur once, in baptism, and then fade away. Instead you seek to hear that voice again and again.

So you come around to dinner. You share the old stories over and over. You listen for new information and affirm the fundamental intimacy with gestures: rituals of greeting and departure, asking for forgiveness as needed, surrendering forgiveness when asked, handshakes, careful attention, sharing resources, eating a meal of celebration together. Mostly you’re present to relationships so that intimacy can deepen. You spend time talking and in silence. You share the events of your lives, the pain and triumph, the hopes and the needs. You build trust through the sheer force of time spent together.

When the relationship is real, the sound of that person’s voice is something you recognize anywhere: on the phone, in the street, in a shout from across a crowded auditorium or whispered into the darkest hour. Context doesn’t matter: That’s him, that’s her. When you’ve learned the sound that grace makes in your lives, you’ll recognize it anywhere and everywhere. You’ll even be surprised how often you’re being called by the voice that desires to lead you all the way home.

Reprinted with permission
Prepare the Word (©2014)


In the month of May the Church reminds us that we need to focus on Mary’s role in the Pascal mystery as the Mother of God, and should remember her presence at Pentecost, as she and the apostles await the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Devotions can take various forms:  Rosary, prayerful reflection in front of  Holy Icons or Holy Statues, and some people create a simple altar in their homes with a statue or picture of Our Lady.



 Starting Monday May 12, 2014, the Church Boilers will be turned off until the fall.  The work is necessary so that we can guarantee warm winters for years to come.  This means it might get cool in the Church.  So we suggest that you bring a sweater or a jacket to Church on cooler days, as it will be at times chilly in the Church until September.


 K of C News

 Booklets Project

Learn about your Catholic Faith.  We encourage you to borrow a booklet from the shelf at the entrance of the Church.for a maximum of 2 weeks and then return them and pick up another booklet.



Bishop Don Bolen has asked as a diocesan family to pray this week “Beloved Lord, we pray as a diocesan family for all mothers, for expectant mothers and for those who long to be mothers.  We pray for all those who have borne the pain of losing a child; for those who live in fear or worry, and for those mothers who are separated from their children.  May all mothers and their children come to know your loving and gentle presence, and turn toward you in times of joy and of sorrow.”



 Do you follow the Good Shepherd? Do you hear his voice? Whom do you follow? Jesus as your shepherd will lead you in the direction of peace and fullness of life. Jesus will guard your soul, and kindness will follow you. Turn toward the goodness in your life, recognize his voice, and walk with him: You will not walk alone.


 Altar Server, Youth & Other News

 Vocation Sunday, Mothers day weekend, Good Shepherd Sunday, all rolled into one – what more could a person ask for!!!

If you can find the opportunity, and it is really worthwhile, read the bulletin boards at the entrance to the church.  Black Strap Youth Camp is just one of the amazing things being offered this summer.  The CWL and the Knights of Columbus of our parish are both 100% behind this great summer opportunity – we all need to be.

The parish and the Redemptorists, both have Facebook pages for our Youth, this would be a great weekend to check them out (if you haven’t already) Plug into Christ and St. Mary’s Youth are places where we can learn more about the love and mercy which our Father is offering to all of us.  Check out these awesome pages and fell free to ask questions.  We are given a chance to feel God’s love, the shepherd’s love through our mothers.  We are called to share that love through our vocations, we are called to share God’s great gift of Love through our lives and the people we are called to be!  We are called to be our very best, the Redemptorists have been called to share “Plentiful Redemption” do you want to join us, you are INVITED.


WOW!!!  Many people came to experience the healing hand of God through the Sacrament of the Sick.  Sending out a big thank you to all those who helped make our Mass with the Sacrament of Anointing a big success.  To all our Ministers of the Cup, Lectors, Gift Bearers, and Oil Bearers.  To the CWL for such dedication and willingness to help.  To our presider for making this celebration possible, Fr Steve blessed 83 prayer shawls that will now be sent into different homes to bring comfort and prayers.  And lastly a huge thank you to all of you that came out to celebrate with us, it was an amazing blessing for our parish.

easter Lily


                      Mass Intentions

Monday, May 12  ……………………………………..9:00 a.m  Jose A Sousa

Tuesday, May 13  …………………………..9:00 a.m  Manuel & Ines Moreira

Wednesday, May 14………………. 9:00 a.m  Bernadine Moreira & Family

 7:00 p.m  Jose Andrade

Thursday, May 15……………………………………..  9:00 a.m  Lucia D’Ugo

Friday, May 16  ………………………………… 9:00 a.m  Augustinho Sousa

Saturday, May 17…………………………………………  9:00 a.m Tom Prima

 7:00 p.m  Thanksgiving

Sunday, May 18 ………………………………………… 9:00 a.m  Joe Bairos

 11:00 a.m    For the Parish






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