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5th Sunday of Easter – May 18, 2014

5th Sunday in Easter


Bulletin Reflection

Alice Camille


Sometimes I dream of a weekend house party to which everyone I love is invited. Of course the plan hinges on the idea that all the people I love will also be wild about each other—which they most likely would not. If you’ve ever attended a reunion or rented a beach house and filled it with guests, you know that the likelihood of two people avoiding each other by the end of the first hour is 50-50. By the end of an entire weekend, some people may never be on speaking terms again!

Fill a room with people, and you’re inviting not only individuals but the very real possibility of conflict. Fill a world with people, and those chances multiply exponentially. Basically you get human history as we’ve known it so far: wars and rumors of wars, fights over resources, societies divided by who gets what, and haves and have-nots as far as memory serves. Even in the early church, a generation often mythologized as an era of perfection, Jewish-Christian widows got bigger portions than Gentile-Christian widows in the daily handouts. In a realm of limited resources, communities always seem willing to make distinctions about who’s more deserving. Whether those distinctions are drawn by gender, race, age, ethnicity, religion, language, intelligence, perceived productivity, or perceived morality, the group drawing the shorter stick is surely headed for trouble.

Now imagine a world that has unlimited resources: enough land, food, housing, employment, education, health care; everything that makes life good and whole and purposeful. If everyone can have all that he or she needs, does anyone have to go wanting? Simply put: Would people fight if there were nothing to fight over?

Essentially that is the Big House concept Jesus describes for his followers on their last night together. He’s heading out beyond them, and they’re not clear on the particulars of that just yet, but he promises a magnificent reunion at a destination where there’s room for everyone. His disciples have been a bit worried about placement, to be honest. Who will be first, who gets to sit where, what honors might be nailed down in advance of the coming Kingdom? Jesus assures them they don’t have to be anxious: The resources are infinite, you might say eternal. But most certainly everyone who arrives there will not be disappointed.

In the modern take on the Kingdom it’s not some heavenly hereafter but a present reality dipping one wing into now, another into forever. If you anticipate a realm where there is no need and therefore no injustice, how do you prepare to inhabit such a reality? How do you remain in the land of limited resources yet make sure no one is left out in the cold while the rest have more than they need?


Reprinted with permission

Prepare the Word (©2014)




The Church Boilers have been turned off until the fall.  The work is necessary so that we can guarantee warm winters for years to come.  This means it might get cool in the Church.  So we suggest that you bring a sweater or a jacket to Church on cooler days, as it will be at times chilly in the Church until September.


 Preserving an Atmosphere of Worship

Many types of activities take place in a church, all of which honour God.  Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, sometimes we keep silence. To help with appropriate silence please remember and observe the following etiquette. Turn off your electronic devices when you enter the church and please gently raise and lower the pew kneelers when they are needed. Also please refrain from chewing gum or bringing food or beverages into the Church, exceptions being discrete water bottles and dry snacks intended for small children.


 Missing Choir Books

It has come to our attention that several volumes of the Glory and Praise choir edition are missing. If you have borrowed one of these volumes please return it as soon as possible. These books are no longer in print and are therefore necessary and irreplaceable.

CWL Update

Thanks to everyone who came out to our last General Meeting last Wednesday!  Mark your calendar for the year-end social Tuesday, June 3rd, 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  Appreciate you sharing a ‘Finger Food’ dish (hot or cold).  Entertainment  – ‘Card Bingo’.  Spouse/friend welcome!



 3.5 hour Spectacular

Colorful and Continual Show
Taste a little of our culture

Put on by the very talented
Hispanic Catholic Community of Saskatoon

Food, Music, Dance and much more

 May 25, 2014 from 12:00 to 5:00 pm

St. Mary’s Parish Hall – 1500 20th St W

Tickets:$5.00 Adults

  $2.00 children (under 12 years)

For tickets contact St. Mary’s Office at 306-244-2983 or Maria Arevalo 306-881-9297


 The Saskatoon Portuguese Community will be having a mass in honour of Our Lady of Fatima on June 29, at 3:30 pm in the Church.  The mass will be followed by a street procession with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.  After that, we will have coffee and a light lunch in the hall.  We hope you can join us in devotion and prayer to Mary.


 The foundation of the community is Jesus, a living stone. How do you participate in the growing community of Christ?  Stephen served the  fulfillment of the word, Jesus.  How do you spread the word of God?  Build your house with many places for all to dwell, for all to be welcome, so all may come to believe and meet the challenges of faith.



easter Lily

 Mass Intentions

 Monday, May 19  9:00 a.m  Olive Prystupa

Tuesday, May 20  9:00 a.m  Ana & Antonio Andrade & Family

Wednesday, May 21      9:00 a.m  Kay Antifaev

  7:00 p.m  Christen Wohl

Thursday, May 22  9:00 a.m  Jose Antonio Sousa

Friday, May 23  9:00 a.m  Lena Hounjet

Saturday, May 24  9:00 a.m    Joao & Emilia Moreira & Family

  7:00 p.m  Peter Eustace

Sunday, May 25  9:00 a.m  Natalie Melo

May 4, 2014

“Accept the risen Jesus into your life.
Even if

 you have been far away,
take a small step

towards him:
he awaits you with open arms.”






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