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Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, June 15, 2014

June 15, 2014 - Trinity Sunday


Bulletin Reflection

Alice Camille

 Today we speak of individual fathers and of one Father, who art in heaven. Just a few generations ago human fathers were often hard to know. They were the mystery men who went off to work, or to war, and sometimes didn’t come back. Even when they did, what they experienced away from the family out in that cold hard world could hardly be translated back into domestic life. So even if you knew your father, you didn’t know him. The men they were remained hidden behind the title, the work clothes, the newspaper, and all the things they never talked about at home.

Today’s fathers have the opportunity to take tremendous strides in know-ability within the domestic circle. Decades of new male role models, record numbers of working mothers, greater striving by fathers for more personal engagement, and a network of laws in place to keep men at least financially invested in their children have given “The Invisible Man” every avenue to emerge and become tangible in family life. We celebrate the men who are “man enough” to give themselves in loving fidelity and intimacy to the domestic circle. All of us, men and women and children, together, benefit when they do.

“Our Father who art in heaven” is another paternal personality once characterized as distant and mysterious. Moses had to climb a steep mountain in the middle of a forbidding wilderness to meet this God, remember! And what he saw was still mostly cloud and thunder without a distinct face. The mountain God made you work for the privilege of an encounter; like most mystery personalities behind the curtain, you might not like what you found once you got there.

Happily what Moses discovers is a Lord worth getting to know better. God reveals the divine personality in a series of surprising words: merciful, gracious, slow to anger, big on kindness and faithfulness. The Invisible Man at the top of the mountain turns out to be rather a sweetheart kind of a guy. Who knew?

When God speaks, the hidden divinity becomes known. Never is that more apparent than when God’s word takes on flesh in the life of Jesus. If God really is mercy, grace, patience, kindness, and fidelity, then you know that Jesus truly is one with his Father. And if you need evidence that Jesus really does remain with his church, you should seek out these qualities as the fingerprints of God on the saints both here and beyond. The coming of Jesus into our midst tells us that God does not intend to be the silent and invisible man behind the newspaper or inside the Bible. Our Father in heaven is known on earth whenever people of flesh and blood show compassion, kindness, and faithfulness.

Reprinted with permission
Prepare the Word (©2014)


June 18, 2014
10:30 am

Everyone is invited to attend the Funeral Service for Hans Huss.  Hans passed away on Friday, May 30th.  For the past 25 years he served as Sacristan for daily Mass and led daily Rosary.


confirmation, first communion symbols


 Every parish event takes many hands to create light work.  At this time I wish to thank the parents and children for your consistent commitment, time and presence.  Father Jon, our pastor, for always being with us in presence and spiritual guidance.  Thank you to Fr. Steve and Fr. Ciro who concelebrated. To my CWL sisters in Christ for all your care.  To the KC for your support and presence.  To our office team, for all your efficient administrative support.  To Carla Ambros and my music team—super!  To my team of parish lay servers, communion ministers, readers, sacristan, ushers, welcomers and guardians—thank you!  Thank you Brendan Rogal for setting up the environment in the hall.  Let us celebrate 54 more children who received the Sacraments of Initiation June 11th, 2014.  None of us is as great as all of us.  God Bless and thank you.  Eileen Provost, program coordinator.



    Where:   Putt & Bounce & Fudruckers
Arlington & 8th

   When:  Saturday June 21, 2014 10:30 am

Why:  To Have Fun!!!!

A Special Thank You to St. Mary’s Mother of Perpetual Help Knights Council

THANK YOU!   Pentecost Sunday was again a celebration of St. Mary’s ethnic diversity. Thank you to all parishioners who participated in our Pentecost celebration by wearing your ethnic costumes. Special thanks to the Congolese Community who led us in with beautiful drumming, singing and dancing.  The Spirit of God flowed throughout the congregation as we sang the Gloria and prayed the Lord’s Prayer in our native tongues.   Your generosity and participation made our celebration a truly wondrous occasion.


Fathers come in all shapes and sizes; some are strict, others lenient; some are very present in the lives of their children, others absent; some have left inspiring legacies for their children; others have left scars; some mean well, others do well. Children and fathers expect a lot from each other. Fathers: Do your best to make yourself known to your children; above all be kind and merciful to your sons and daughters. Children: Do your best to embrace the life given to you; above all be understanding and forgiving of your father’s shortcomings.

 Altar Server, Youth & Other News

Well it is Father’s Day, a great opportunity to thank the other incredibly significant person in our lives.  Back in May we all stopped, the entire North American world stopped (if only for a moment) to wish half of our community Happy Mother’s Day and today we are blessed to wish Happy Father’s Day.  It is of incredible value to appreciate all of the family, Mother’s & Father’s and the life they bring.  I am ever amazed each time I re-read the Christmas Story and know if it were not for two incredible “YES” responses we would look at the world with different eyes.  Mary said “YES” and not long after that the church reminds us of Joseph’s “YES” as he took Mary into his home and they began life together.  The Redemptorist Web Page/Link – http://www.Redemptorist.tv, invites us to look at different YES responses. That page has been advertised in many places and many Catholic Newspapers.  It has been supported by members of our own parish family.  That page provides us an opportunity to look into our families and see how they are not all that different from the Holy Family, every family begins with a mom and a dad, every family begins with prayer, support and encouragement from others.  Every family begins with VOCATIONS, have you looked at yours?  We are all called to serve the Church, we are all encouraged to say “YES”!  The young children from our lives said YES on Wednesday evening through Confirmation & First Communion, the young men of our community, what is our YES, is it Blackstrap Youth Camp, is it supporting the Ministry of Care, is it supporting one of our Parish groups or committees,  how do we say YES?

 Home Ministry of Care

 The following prayer is from the fair-trade foundation.  As we are now finishing up seeding and all the farmers and gardeners are busy on the land it does us good to remember to pray.

 Great Creator God, who gave life to the world and everyone in it, create in me a heart of careful consumerism.  As I stand in a shop, as I prepare my meals, help me to remember that what I buy and eat comes from farmers, growers, workers and labourers in fields and factories across the world.  Help me to remember that someone’s life and well being depends on the products I hold in my hands, place into my shopping basket, and at from my plate, that I may be thankful and act with justice.  Amen.


                       DATES TO REMEMBER
Sat, June 21 Celebration #6 Mystagogy 10:30 am
Altar Servers Year End 10:30 am
K of C Installation of Officers   6:00 pm
Sun June 29 Our Lady of Perpetual Help     after
Coffee and muffins 9 am Mass

                          LECTORS AND 
                Body & Blood of Christ June 21/22
7:00 pm Louise Paynter Eileen Provost
Mike Paynter Sr. Carol Borreson
Zeljko Bilandzic
Ray Despins
9:00 am Judy Zwart Marlene Blom
Pol Zwart Jim Penna
Josie Savino
Rose Wasylenka
11:00 am Francis Nguyen Sylvia Zakreski
Maria Zalesak Arnel Mendoza
Darlene Sane
Vernon Sane
Please arrive 10 minutes before Mass begins
If you are unable to serve remember to find
your own replacement


Mon, June 16 9:00 am †Alex Delovic
Tues, June 17 9:00 am †Joe Antonio Sousa
Wed, June 18 9:00 am †Tom Prima
7:00 pm †Lourdes & Perfecto Galido
Thurs, June 19 9:00 am †All Souls
Fri, June 20 9:00 am In Thanksgiving
Sat, June 21 9:00 am Special Intentions
7:00 pm †Anne Medinski
Sun, June 22 9:00 am †Jose Bairos


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