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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time September 21, 2014

Renovations Update         I am pleased to let you know that two major renovations which took place at St. Mary’s over the summer are now completed or very near completion.

The first job we tackled starting in the spring was the Church heating system. Welldone Mechanical worked through the summer dismantling the boilers and much of the heating distribution system and cleaned and repaired or replaced everything they could get access to. The boilers are now up and running and everything seems to be working well.  We should experience a reduction in our gas bill as well as a great diminishment in the banging noises that used to plague our Church celebrations.

The second project was spearheaded by the ladies of the Catholic Women’s League who have been longing for new cupboards in the parish hall kitchen. Over the past few years the CWL have raised money towards this project and we finally began planning for it this past winter. With generous help from members of the CWL as well as members of the Knights of Columbus the old kitchen cupboards were gutted (sorry, nothing  was salvageable) and the walls were prepped with new drywall and paint. New cupboards arrived at the end of August and everything was installed and ready for business just in time for the first pancake breakfast of the season. Special thanks to the CWL design committee and the Knights of Columbus members who gave so many hours of their time during the demolition and construction phase of the project. Besides looking beautiful the new cupboards are designed to make the loading and unloading of the dishes much easier on the backs of generous workers. If you’d like a tour of the new kitchen come and see Fr. Jon or a member or the CWL.

These projects were financed through the generous  donations of the CWL and the St. Mary’s Renovations Fund. If you appreciate what has taken place please consider a donation so that we can continue with more good works in the future.

Fr. Jon


 Harvest supper


Sunday September 28 5:00 pm

Only One Week Away!!!! 

 This is an annual PARISH event

organized by CWL members

DONATIONS of items: carrots (cleaned, cut and ready for the pot), pickles, tomatoes, cranberry sauce, coffee, butter, etc. and  PIES, PIES, PIES WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!  These can be brought
Saturday and Sunday morning to the hall.

Many Volunteers will be needed (peel potatoes, make cabbage rolls, set tables, clean up etc.)


Friday, Sept. 26th -9:30 a.m.  – peel potatoes
1:00 p.m. – cabbage roll making.
Saturday, Sept. 27th – 9:30 a.m. –, prepare dressing, wash vegetables, count out dishes, cutlery, set tables, etc. etc..
Sunday, Sept. 28th – 6:00 p.m. CLEAN UP!  Many volunteers are needed these three days!!  PLEASE come out and give the committee a hand.    The planning committee greatly appreciates and thanks you for your help!!

Free Movie Night

You are invited to join us in watching a movie together as a parish community! It will be held Sunday, October 5th. Doors open at 6pm and the movie begins at 6:30, St Mary’s Hall. Popcorn and juice will be provided! We will be watching
The Reluctant Saint– the true story of St Joseph of Cupertino, the “Flying Friar”, as he literally rises to sainthood. This profound and humorous movie is for all ages. Please join us! For more information, call Elaine at 229-3557.




 We are asking all parishioners to consider donating new (or gently used) items that we can sell at our auction.  You can help support this great event in two ways – by asking businesses to donate items for the sale and by attending the auction with your friends and relatives!  Sr. Carol, our parish nurse, reaches out to many people in our neighborhood with the work that she does.  Many families and individuals have greatly benefited from this healing ministry.  Help bring continued hope to the residents of our community by supporting the Parish Nurse Ministry.  If you have any questions, please call the Parish Office at 306-244-2983.

 Mark your calendar for this important event

Altar Server, Youth & Other News

Thank you to all those who came out for the Altar Servers Practice.

Here’s five things to keep in mind as we start the new school year:

  1. It’s possible to have a personal relationship with God!
  2. You are loved!
  3. Don’t give up, God’s mercy is greater!
  4. Keep the faith, but not to yourself!
  5. See you at Mass on Sunday!

Finally, don’t worry about the Roughriders they will weather the storm.  Fr. Steve



The Prayer Shawl Ministry will resume on Tuesday,  September 23rd at 1:00 p.m.  Newcomers are most welcome! We meet on Tuesday’s from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. and we knit or crochet, pray and have coffee and a chat! The prayer shawls are very much appreciated by the sick, shut-ins and the lonely. For more information, please call Carrie at 244-2983. Also, if anyone has any yarn to spare and would like to donate it, please contact Carrie.

Thank you and God Bless!


WEEKLY CHUCKLEConfession Cartoon


   26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Sept 27/28
Irene Provost
7:00 pm Fred Vogelgesang Sr. Carol Borreson
Lynda Browning Zeljko Bilandzic
Ray Despins
Marlene Blom
9:00 am Judy Zwart Josie Savino
Pol Zwart Jim Penna
Rose Wasylenka
Elosia Verdote
11:00 am Francfis Nguyen Abe Verdote
Maria Zalesak Tuan Nguyen
Sylvia Zakreski


Monday, Sept 22 9:00 a.m †Manuel Luiz Diago
Tuesday, Sept 23 9:00 a.m †Natalie Melo
Wednesday, Sept 24 9:00 a.m †Ron Sielski
7:00 p.m †Veronica Charlesworth
Thursday, Sept 25 9:00 a.m †Jose Antonio Sousa & Family
†Cleopas Tampan
Friday, Sept 26 9:00 a.m †Jose Mendonca & family
Saturday, Sept 27 9:00 a.m †All Souls in Purgatory
7:00 p.m †Doris Grabowski
Sunday, Sept 28 9:00 a.m For the Parish



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