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    Perpetual Help Devotions at both Wednesday Masses

    Adoration and Benediction on First Saturdays following the 9:00 AM Mass until 12:00 Noon
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    Wednesday: 6:30-7pm

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28th Sunday in Ordinary Time October 12th, 2014


Get Ready Get Set – Bulletin Reflection

Alice Camille

Outside my hometown there was an old highway sign that anticipated a sharp and blind turn in the road. It read: “Prepare to meet God.” Rather ominous to have that evangelical reminder at such a risky bend in the road. But also very effectively placed for a hearty split-second of contemplation. Are we ready for what’s around the next turn? What does it take to get ready to meet your Maker?

History is an endless series of blind turns into the unknown and rarely anticipated. Each season, however carefully we may prepare for it, can bring events that find us woefully surprised. Who can predict natural disasters, sudden illness, unemployment, disability, global recessions, relationship failures, or death? We purchase our insurances, or not. We take precautions and supplements. We don’t buy a house in the burn zone or on a known fault line. But there’s no such thing as a no-risk day. You can stay inside behind locked doors and still fall off a ladder in the comfort of your own home.

We recognize the wisdom in preparing to meet God—at any age, on any day. Ideally we’re ready for that Beatific Vision every day. By virtue of being born, we’re eligible for the encounter. By virtue of our baptism, we’ve received an invitation to the eternal feast. So we can’t hope to fall back on the old excuse: I didn’t know it was today. Truth is, it’s always today.

What makes us ever-prepared for prime time? Start with clean and presentable attire. Our mothers warned us about donning fresh under-gear daily so as not to be embarrassed in the ER. It’s a laughable line, but also rings true. Both our hidden and apparent selves must be suitably ready for surprises. If there’s a secret side to our lives that might prove embarrassing “someday,” let’s dispense with it today! Everything that’s hidden will be revealed, Jesus once said. Cleaning up our acts is the first order of business.

Another thing that helps with readying ourselves to respond to Kingdom Coming is the fundamental rule of guests: never arrive empty-handed. In regard to our trek to the undiscovered country, flowers won’t keep. So what can we bring? Our charitable responses to the hungry, the sick, the imprisoned. Our hearts purified of other gods like wealth, power, recognition, and self-importance. Corporal works of mercy, and spiritual ones too. If there are basic virtues we’ve neglected, now’s the time to make their acquaintance and get practicing.

Finally, no party is complete without guests prepared to celebrate. It’s the magic word in any gathering of believers. Repent bitterness, dispel pessimism, make friends with joy. That way, whatever’s around the bend can do no harm. 
Reprinted with permission
Prepare the Word (©2014)

Bishop Don

Come Hear Bishop Don Bolen


Fundraising Supper for St. Mary’s Parish Nurse Program

Friday, November 7, 2014

7 pm St. Mary’s Hall

 Tickets are available at the Parish Office – only 50 tickets LEFT – supper served by “Touch of Ukraine”

Price $50 per ticket with a partial donation receipt.

Table of 8 – $350.00


We invite all parents and guardians who desire their child to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation (confession) and First Communion with Confirmation to register  before October 28, 2014.

You can register in person or by phoning the Church office at 244-2983 between 8:30am and 4:00pm.

The Harvest Supper  was another GREAT success!!


For your donations – the many many PIES
the monetary donation
To the planning committee – the many volunteers
(first time energetic volunteers)    clean-up crew, etc. etc. – this would never happen without you!

 SUNDAY BRUNCH St. George’s Seniors Club-(1235 –20th St. West)

October 19th –10:00 – 1:00 p.m.   (Borsch, Cabbage Rolls, Perogies, Dessert,  etc.) – Cost:  Adults – $10.00
Children 6-10  – $5.00. Bring your appetite and enjoy – Everyone Welcome !


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2014 – 10 am 

 Come and be part of this fabulous fundraiser that allows Sr. Carol, to continue her nursing ministry to families and individuals in our community.   Donation envelopes can be deposited in the collection basket. We continue to accept donations!!  If you have any questions, please call the
Parish Office at 306-244-2983.

 Mark your calendar for this important event

Thursday, Oct 16th is the feast of Redemptorist St. Gerard Magella.  Please join us at the 9 am Mass as we celebrate this great defender of life and Patron Saint of expectant mothers.

Live-in Discernment Weekend

October 24 October 26

Oct 24 at 7:00pm to Oct 26 at 1:00pm in

851 University Drive Saskatoon

Do you want to learn how to discern God’s will?
Do you have a friend who would benefit from this weekend?
Please feel free to register and pass the invitation on to your friends. For single men and women 19 years and older– a time to prayerfully explore your life to discover who you are in God and how best you can serve him.

To Register, call 306-244-0726 or email sk.dhouse@gmail.com

 Virtue of Gratitude

 The virtue of gratitude shapes our entire outlook on life. It is the channel through which we become aware of the sacred, and the many blessings of our lives.

  To learn the grammar of gratitude, practice saying “thank you” for happy and challenging experiences, for people, animals, things, art, memories, dreams.

  Gratitude allows us to appreciate and accept our lives

  Gratitude allows us to accept our life as a gift

Thanksgiving weekend youth news……

1.  OCTOBER 18 is the third Saturday of the Month. It will be the next practise for the Altar servers. Practice is following the morning mass, 9:40 approx., It would be fantastic if all of the servers, especially the newer servers came out on Saturday October 18.  Following practise we will walk down to RUCKERS sponsored by the Knights of Columbus ALL SERVERS SHOULD BE PRESENT.  After practise and Rucker’s it is the perfect opportunity to visit the Auction!

  1. In the month of October the parish and our diocese are inviting all of our youth to enjoy a couple of great faith filled moments. The first special opportunity for our faith to grow comes on Sunday October 19. That Sunday afternoon provides a special opportunity for all of us, as we offer prayerful thanks and continued support to the many from our diocese.   Priests, sisters and so many of the faithful, who have provided great service in the missionary outreach of our diocese in Brazil.  Check the diocese web page for more information about the comings and going that afternoon.
  1. A few day’s after that, On Wednesday the 22nd the Bishop’s Cup Basketball tournament is due to take place. Check out the diocese web page for more information about the Bishop’s Cup and be sure to keep looking right here for more great info.  The young people of our diocese and the clergy from Saskatoon get to create some wonderful memories, come out and make some new memories of your own!
  1. The weekend following Thanksgiving is a great chance for all of our youth to grow in faith. On Friday October 17, @ 7:30 PM, the next CCO Summit is due to take place, this time at Philip Neri Church.  CCO provides a great opportunity for University Student, and all of the faithful, to pray, hear God’s word and share in the sacraments, ask about what they do!
  1. October also gives us an opportunity to Reflect on our Vocations. The 16th of October is the feast of St. Gerard.  A young Redemptorist who has made the difference in so many lives.  Be sure and ask a Redemptorist about St. Gerard, he is a great role model in our world.   Don’t forget about the Awesome discernment weekend at the Presentation House on University Drive.  It is another way to hear God’s voice.

                                                                                 Fr. Steve

Important Memorial Mass Announcement:

You are invited to join our parish community for the annual Mass in memory of our deceased loved ones who have died in the last year,  at St. Mary’s church on Tuesday, November 4th  at 7:00 pm.  Refreshments and fellowship will follow in the parish hall.

Next Week Oct 18/19 – 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sr. Josie Bouvier
7:00 pm Karl Baumgardner Brian Favel
Vina Edwards Irene Sharp
Loretta Skipper
Millie Loran
9:00 am Ed Scissons Maureen Blom
Lynda Browning Nick Blom
Josie Savino
Zeljko Bilandzic
11:00 am Francis Nguyen Irene Sikorski
Eileen Provost Darlene Sane
Vernon Sane


Monday, Oct 13 9:00 a.m †Joan Baumgardner & Ezra Potts
Tuesday, Oct 14 9:00 a.m †Maria Fontes Andrade
Wednesday, Oct 15 9:00 a.m †Marie Louise Rogers
7:00 p.m †Anne Geenen
Thursday, Oct 16 9:00 a.m †Frank Crowther
Friday, Oct 17 9:00 a.m †Manuel S. & Virginia Figueiredo
Saturday, Oct 18 9:00 a.m Michael Prystupa
7:00 p.m †Bob Borreson
Blair & Laura Baert
Sunday, Oct 19 9:00 a.m Stan & Jenny Delainey & Family

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