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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Nov 16th, 2014

‘Good job! You’re a good and faithful servant! You proved that you could be trusted with a small amount. I will put you in charge of a large amount. Come and share your master’s happiness.’ Matt 25.23

crazy week

Bulletin Reflection

Alice Camille

Raise your hand if you’re as busy as I am! Most people I know claim to be running flat out all the time. “Crazy-busy” is a term I hear a lot. We all have a high regard for the amount of industry we pack into the average day.

But with all the energy and activity and verbiage we generate, with all the mileage we cover and events we attend, is anything really getting done? Or perhaps the more precise word is: accomplished? I try to take stock of what really gets done each day, to see how efficient I am. Which leads to the next discernment: What counts as accomplishment? Work compensated with money? Meetings attended and logged? Laundry washed and folded and stored? Food purchased and meals prepared? Time spent on a porch swing with a grandchild?

In Proverbs today we hear about the woman worth more than pearls. Judging from her description, I’d say she’s worth more than an entire department in many companies! If you read her full description in Proverbs 31, you learn that she keeps the house, makes the clothes, plants the food, raises the kids, and runs her own business on the side in order to pay all the bills. This frees up her husband to sit at the town gate and play at local politics with the other elders. How nice for him.

Contrast the portrait of the Pearl Woman with the three fellows in the parable about investment banking in first-century Palestine. Two of them make trades that gain profits that double their capital. Either they demonstrate good business acuity or were very lucky. The third fellow, however, is neither discerning nor lucky. Fear prevents him from doing anything meaningful with the money. He hides it. For this maneuver he earns the very wrath he was hoping to sidestep.

Fear remains possibly the worst reason to do anything—or to do nothing. Fear accomplishes nothing and can lead ironically to the realization of what we fear. Try to make your life “safe”—and discover 101 ways you are less safe than you ever imagined. The recent health news about antibacterial components found in everything from hand soap to shoes to children’s toys is that the antibacterial trend is actually causing the spawn of bigger, bladder bacteria. Operating from fear is generally the wrong approach.

The virtue that makes the wise investors and even the Pearl Woman successful is fortitude. Fortitude is a cross between courage and perseverance. Fortitude pushes and progresses, whereas fear hides and freezes. Our real accomplishments each day are the things that move us forward and make more from less. That can include spending time on a swing with someone you love.

Reprinted with permission Prepare the Word (©2014) http://www.preparetheword.com


 peanut butter

PEANUT BUTTER SUNDAY – November 22/23, 2014

  Everyone is invited to bring a jar of peanut butter to Mass next weekend – November 22/23.  For the last number of years the Christmas Hamper committee has invited all parishioners to assist with the program by donating a jar of peanut butter. The response to this invitation in the past has been excellent and the Committee looks forward to a similar result this year as it prepares once again to provide hundreds of hampers for those less fortunate in our community.

Music Ministry Retreat
Their will be a Music Ministry Retreat on Saturday, Nov 29th from 10 am till 3 pm.  All members of the parish Music Ministry,  including Mass and Funeral choir members, as well as ANYONE INTERESTED in becoming a part of Music Ministry at St. Mary’s are invited to attend.  Special guest presenter Darcie Lich will help us prepare for Advent and beyond by reflecting on how music ministry is a special gift to help our parish Worship Life.  


SUNDAY MISSALS will be available for purchase. These handy resources contain the readings for each Sunday and some special feasts. Missals are intended to be used for home study, to read the readings before you come to church. The new missals begin with the new liturgical year, first Sunday of Advent. They will be available for purchase during office hours at the rectory as well as after all the Masses the weekends of Nov 22/23 and Nov 29/30 Cost is $5.00 each.


CWL  Membership Brunch

Sunday Nov 23rd after the 9:00 a.m. Mass.  Memberships for 2015 are $22.00.  Every lady 16 years and older are eligible to become a member.  All ladies are welcome to come and visit our great ladies and enjoy a free brunch.

CWL & KC Annual Christmas Party
Tuesday December 9
th at 6:00 p.m.
Tickets ae $16.00 and will be available at the CWL Membership Brunch November 23rd as well as after mass the week-end of November 29th and 30th.  Food will be Touch of Ukraine and entertainment by Bridge City Music Services”.

CWL Christmas Tea & Bake Sale Sat, Dec 6th. Ladies we need your great baking.
More details to come.


Sometimes Older People Can Teach Us Something

 When I was younger I kind of thought I had most of the answers.  The older I have gotten the more I have discovered there is a lot that I don’t know.  When Fr. David and Fr Kaz were alive both Fr. Jon, myself and many others gained much from their wisdom.  Another good example of this is Darian Durant and Kerry Joseph.  I suspect that Kerry Joseph, 41 years of age has brought to the Roughriders confidence, patience & an understanding of the pressure of the game that comes with being a veteran player.

 When we are anxious and afraid we can look to those older than us.  They can give us some wisdom and understanding because, Yes, they have been there.  Like Kerry Joseph, he’s been there.  Life is like football you win some and you loose some.   Life can be full of ups and downs – With age comes wisdom.  Proverbs 8:33 tells us not to reject instruction and wisdom.

As I am just a young black bird,
No matter what I will say.
I know nothing of anything,
And a teacher I will obey.
Teach me all that I need,
To survive among the sky and the trees.
I will listen to what I am told,
You’re wisdom will put me at ease.                           Fr. Steve

Home care

For the month of November we are offering some quotes from Dr. Bill Webster who leads us in the “Grief Matters; Learning to Cope with Loss” DVD series at Sodalitas here at St Mary’s every second Saturday of the month at 10:00am.

#2 That which cannot be put into words cannot be put to rest.  This means that we have to make sure to share our loved one’s story.  If we cannot use spoken words we can keep a journal, make a scrapbook, make a memorial DVD, or do a website.  There is no one single way to express how we feel but it is very important to express what we are feeling.

And our Quotable Quote:

“ When someone is born we rejoice.  When someone is married we celebrate.  But when someone dies, we pretend that nothing has happened.”                                            Carrie Ministry of Care


 Even to the birds was it said,

“Be fruitful and multiply.”

Do you wish to hold as a great

blessing what was given to

birds? Who can be ignorant, that it was given indeed by the voice of God? But use these goods, if you receive them; and rather think how you may
nourish those who have

been born, that others may be
—Saint Augustine

Next Week Nov 22/23 – Christ the King

Sr. Carol Borreson
7:00 pm Karl Baumgardner Irene Sikorski
Loretta Skipper Zeljko Bilandzic
Ray Despins
Vic Garchinski
9:00 am Marcel D’Eon Jim Penna
Gayle Stookey Joe Stookey
Rose Wasylenka
Ben Fortosky
11:00 am Sylvia Zakreski Lynda Browning
Maria Zalesak Eloisa Verdote
Abe Verdote


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