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May 31, 2015 Trinity Sunday


WHO IS THE  HOLY SPIRIT   For many of us Catholics, the Holy Spirit remains a puzzle. The other members of the Trinity, the Father and the Son, are better defined. But there is much confusion about the Spirit. Questions like the following are likely to be in the minds of listeners: Just what does the Holy Spirit do? How will I know if the Holy Spirit is involved in my life? Today’s 2nd reading can be a helpful guide for us.
Often when we speak of the Holy Spirit we associate it with an extraordinary or spectacular event. We tend to let stories like the tongues of fire that appeared on the heads of the apostles (Acts 2:3) or the dramatic conversion of St. Paul on the road to Damascus define our understanding of how God works in the world. And there is little question that many acts of God are astonishing.

But just as notable is the way God works in a mundane manner. When Paul speaks of the power of the Spirit he points to our inclusion in God’s family. The Spirit makes us “children of God” (8:14) and so intertwines our lives with Christ so that we now understand God as a Father or even a “Daddy” (as Abba might be translated — see 8:15). In addition, Paul suggests we are now “heirs” with Christ (8:17). In other words, all that the Son shares with the Father (peace, life, righteousness) has now been bequeathed to us as well.

In most cases the Holy Spirit usually does not try to draw attention to itself but rather works on us to strengthen our relationship of faith in Christ. This means the Spirit is very busy indeed. In our stumbling attempts at faith in Christ, the Holy Spirit is at work, overcoming our own desire to be in control. When we seek comfort, the Spirit reminds us of Christ’s seeking of the lost sheep and his forgiveness to a betrayer like Peter. When we need correction, the Spirit calls to mind Christ’s injunction against the love of money and the need to forgive — even those we classify as enemies.

Those who wonder about the Spirit’s presence in their lives need only look to their struggling faith in Christ and they will find plenty of evidence. Left to our own devices, we wander far from the source of light and truth. But the Spirit has other plans. God’s Spirit continually reaches out to embrace and encourage us.

The Holy Spirit is not something that is under our control. There is such a thing as the human spirit, of course. This is the source of our imagination and creativity. It enables poets, painters, writers to practice express their gifts and it inspires magnificent works in literature and art. But when we attach the word “Holy” to the word “Spirit” we move beyond the human realm. We are now speaking of God and a force beyond human manipulation. Similar to the wind, the Holy Spirit is not something we can manage or direct (Acts 2:2).
But the Holy Spirit does have an agenda: THE HOLY SPIRIT wants to bring us into a relationship with Christ. As Romans 8:15-17 says, God seeks to make us his children by adoption. Similarly, we do not earn membership in God’s family. The work of the Holy Spirit is to continually draw us to Christ, in spite of our desire to strike out on our own.
We are not only a chosen people, we are children of God.  Our Father is the source of life, loving protector, attentive guide, which is profoundly intimate.  Furthermore, as heirs of God we are joint heirs with Christ.  God is our Father, Jesus is our brother and He gives us His Spirit.  Wow!! How intimately our God is connected with us!!!
 This gives me great comfort and peace knowing that God is very close.  I want to come to know him more and power of His Spirit working in my life and in others.

– Margaret McCarthy

05 – May 31, 2015 – Trinity Sunday



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